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02 December 2009 @ 01:24 pm
I lied, so what?  
My previous declaration of 'The ONLY thing I like this season' must be rectified. I did/do like some of the dancers individually, Mollee, Nate, Russell, Ellenore, Legacy (who reminds me of Dominic) but due to the pairings so far there was nothing remarkable for me except the Ellenore/Ryan duo. After last nights SYTYCD, my mind is in the process of change. Oh, show I really do hate you sometimes. *sigh*

ELLENORE!!! I love her, she reminds me of Sabra a little bit. Also, she makes me like Jakob, whom I previously only appreciated for technique.

Oh, Molleekins! Sweet little pudnums you!

Legacy, the man of growth... this routine is one that has to sit with me for a while, then I'll appreciate it more.

NATE! I wish you'd smile a little more. He seems to have swung from one extreme to another due to the pressure. Ack! I hope he finds his medium soon. *pets him*
Current Mood: irritatedirritated
Current Music: Cosmic Love ~ Florence and The Machine
borg_princess: hermione-feelborg_princess on December 9th, 2009 12:01 am (UTC)
*pouts* I want the new season of SYTYCD. RIGHT. NOW.

Damn summer non-ratings season. But then, last time Channel Ten aired it at like, 10:30, omg! INCOMPETENT NITWITS. So why not show it now, since they disrespect it so much and obviously believe not enough of the right viewers care? *frowns*

Btw? Cosmic Love squee! It's my ringtone right now. *iz giddy*
Sunny: SYTYCD Cat-TASTIC!!!!sunny_serenity on December 14th, 2009 10:18 pm (UTC)
Wow. The network wankage almost eclipses the show wankage... I dunno, I just haven't been feeling the love these last two seasons. *sigh*

borg_princess: hermione-ponderborg_princess on December 14th, 2009 10:44 pm (UTC)
Show wankage? What have I missed? And is your disillusionment with the actual quality of dancers or something the show's doing wrong?

*nodnod* No argument here! I'm still hooked on Blinding like a crazy addict, but My Boy Builds Coffins is sneaking in now. How dark is FatM? Lol.
Sunny: SYTYCD Kateesunny_serenity on December 15th, 2009 04:38 am (UTC)
Since season 4/5ish, I haven't been feeling the love. The format of the show changed. The first three seasons you got to know the kids, their personalities, their shyness/quirkiness etc, in the video packages before they hit the stage. It made you root for them, you know? The fifth season completely lost all of that. Apathy set in pretty quickly especially when it all became about the choreographers and not the kids... I think Tyce had a lot to do with that. His new found DIVA-ness makes me really hate him. And NOW! THERE'S NO MIA!! It seems as if all creativity has taken it's leave with her departure. Plus, all the ones I wanted to stay ended up leaving, so... at the very least, the person I wanted to win, won.

FatM is freaking brilliant. I can't believe the stuff they come up with when they're pissed. Weezer was like that.