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I lied, so what?

My previous declaration of 'The ONLY thing I like this season' must be rectified. I did/do like some of the dancers individually, Mollee, Nate, Russell, Ellenore, Legacy (who reminds me of Dominic) but due to the pairings so far there was nothing remarkable for me except the Ellenore/Ryan duo. After last nights SYTYCD, my mind is in the process of change. Oh, show I really do hate you sometimes. *sigh*

ELLENORE!!! I love her, she reminds me of Sabra a little bit. Also, she makes me like Jakob, whom I previously only appreciated for technique.

Oh, Molleekins! Sweet little pudnums you!

Legacy, the man of growth... this routine is one that has to sit with me for a while, then I'll appreciate it more.

NATE! I wish you'd smile a little more. He seems to have swung from one extreme to another due to the pressure. Ack! I hope he finds his medium soon. *pets him*
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