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Ellelator Go Up Ellelator Go Down!

Sometimes I just wanna say F.M.L! I got stuck in an elevator last night in a 41 story building between the fourteenth and fifteenth floor. The Bro and The Old Man were also with me and we had a tonne of food that we had bbq'd in the midst of microbursts of wind. It kept putting the fire out... fricken propane crappy bbq's. Anyway, we were rescued by the maintenance guy and our friend who's apartment we were visiting after an hour or so. It was like Speed but with food and without Keanu Reeves. In the end it all worked out but still, WTH UNIVERSE?!?! FU2! *sigh*

...and now I just found out that some stupid ass delivery boy from a parts place delivered the part I needed to repair my car to THE WRONG SHOP and my mechanic can't get it done today, the PERFECT day to do repairs cos I have an alternate means of transportation, which now needs to be moved to Monday the most horriblest day for this to occur because I NEED my car by then SO I CAN FRICKEN GO TO WORK!!! SON OF BITCH!!!!!!!!! FUCK THIS. FUCKETY FUCK FUCK FUCKEN!!!!!!! I'm so mad I just wanna cry...
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