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26 November 2009 @ 12:31 am
I Can Read!  
My brains needed a break from the epic EPICNESS of A Song Of Ice and Fire. I got about a quarter through A Clash of Kings and found I wasn't really paying attention anymore. I switched to some fluff. The Stackhouse 'novels'... are they considered novels if they only consist of fourteen chapters max? Anyway, the fluff is so fluffy and such a respite in reading that I may pick up the heavy hitters after I've finished the seven books I've got. So far my impressions are...

1. Sookie needs to be fangbanging Eric WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than Bill.
2. Bill, although a gentleman, hides a LOT of stuff from Sookie... like, I don't know what it is yet but he's all possessive and dodgy.
3. Eric.
4. Eric.
5. Eric.
6. Eric.
7. I'm glad they fleshed out the God(ric)frey stuff in season 2 cos this...

... is GENIUS!
8. Pam. Can we have more Pam in these novels? Please?
9. I'm SO happy they kept Lafayette in the show. Such a good idea that was. *crosses fingers*
10. Have I mentioned Eric?

Also, this: "One of my cousins got married recently," she says. "And as she was telling me how she new she'd found the person she wanted to be with for her whole life-like 'We'll grow together, we'll learn, we'll have the same goals, the same needs, you can count on me'- I had this really spooky moment, both sad and kind of happy: That's Tegan for me. Because the relationship transcends any relationship I could have with any other human being. We were conceived in the same womb, and we look the same, and we've formed this band together- we have this intrinsic connection. And I will unconditionally love her, and hate her, until the end of time."
"Maybe," she says, "I don't believe in soul mates because I already have one."

...is just about the most adorablest thing EVAR from one Miss Sara K. Quin.
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Sunny: True Flyingsunny_serenity on November 30th, 2009 03:00 am (UTC)
As of today, Sunday, I'm half way through Dead to the World. Holy YUM, ERIC! Such a guilty pleasure and I laughed like, a LOT reading these... almost as much as I do when watching the show. That's a good thing cos usually I HATE book to film adaptations.

Oh, I'll get back to the wacky dealings of Westeros after the campy sugar rush of Bon Temps.