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Monday Night Reactions

HIMYM: now my face does this when watching this lack of awesome... :-\

TBBT: So, um don't get me wrong I was laughing like crazy and half the time asking myself if I was watching the right show cos OMG! DID THEY DO WHAT I THINK THEY JUST DID?!?!?!?!?!? ...and then sufficient squee and flailing about took place, of course. But, yes there's a but, splitting the group into two teams of comedy (Leonard/Raj/Howard and Sheldon/Penny) lessens the overall fun. I LOVE when they're in group settings doing inclusive activities and the fact that they have to separate them in order for me to find interest in this show again kinda takes the magic away. Recent character assassination of Leonard has made this a necessary evil. The lack of dynamism with Leonard/Penny is thrown into high contrast when Sheldon/Penny dominate the screen. The writers have no idea how to write a smooth transition from one to another, e.g. Robin/Ted to Robin/Barney in HIMYM. L/P is solely based on a physical/hormonal attraction. Leonard is too self-aware and conscious about social norms that his striving to fit in falls squarely into the cliche. S/P has more than that sexual attraction. Sheldon's lack of assimilation into the 'normal' world puts just the right amount of distance between Penny's accepted behaviours and Sheldon's nescience of the outside world that bridging that gap with learning and newness makes a show worth watching.

One of the best tracks ever made on a seminal rock record. KoL was taking note. Yes, young ones, pay attention to my music husband's awesome.

Some additional awesome.

Sadly, the only awesome on In Your Honour

And forgetting how to play your own song? Genius. T&S have the same problem.
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