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TV Things (with spoilers if you haven't seen these)

Good show. Great acting. Great stories. Very much like Hamlet if he was the son of a motorcycle club founder. Katey Sagal as this maternal caring Lady MacBeth is genius. Ron Perlman as the Vietnam Vet with homicidal issues is genius. Charlie Hunnam as the introspective doubting son wrapped in the dirty white trash surface is genius. Dude, the whole cast is genius. I especially ADORE Opie! Seriously. ADORE! I loved Ryan in Remember the Titans as Bertier and now I love him even more as Ope. He's such a big dude. Perlman has to look UP to him in order to hit his eye line and Perlman is a big dude. I loved the Opie/Donna dynamic. They're so good together. Towards the end of the season I was so preoccupied with worry that the club would buy Stahl's framing of Ope that the hit on Donna blindsided me til they switched cars last second. Then i was all *FLAIL* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!OMG!THEYRE!GONNA!KILL!DONNA! AFTER!SHE!MADE!PEACE!WITH!THE!FACT!THAT!THEY!NEED!THE!CLUB!THE!CLUB!IS!FAMILY! HOW DARE UUUUUUUUU!!! BETRAAAAAAAAYAL!!!! FIE! FIE! FIE!

Where in heck is everybody else? I mean I get it that there's supposed to be new kids and stuff but what happened to Tyra and Lyla and everybody else? This has turned into the Tim Riggins hour. Are he and Lyla not together anymore? I mean seriously. I feel like we're being left out of something here. I know there was some kind of contract thing with Adrianne Palicki, but what about Minka Kelly? They can't have put all that work into the Tim/Lyla story just to drop it cos oh, look she's in college and Riggins dropped out. And Zach Gilford. I'm glad he's around but are they seriously gonna drag out the 'will he/won't he leave Dillon' story?

I talked about this before so I'll mention my fave bit. The adorkableness of Merlin revealing the rope strung about his torso. So. Effing. Adorkable. *squishes him*
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