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I just finished A Game of Thrones and none of this will make sense cos it's not in any particular order.

I totally did not expect like HALF of the characters to freaking DIE! OH MY... Oh, Ned. Your honour hast led thee slain! HOW?!?! Same goes for Drogo... 'cept in his case I think it was more pride that killed him. Also, the Dothraki are kinda sick. Like, for real. *shudder* But then again so are the Lannister's... and Targaryen's. They don't wear their sickery on the outside like the Dothraki, which, I think, may be more nasty. I'd rather have a straight up conceit than false modesty.

I see Charles Dance as Tywin.

At first I thought Robb was gonna be a royal douchey prat, but it turns out he's quite the opposite. He really does care for his family. Jon included. I was touched by the scenes where he took counsel from his mother. Catelyn recognising her place and duty in the war council, fighting against her instinct to coddle him and to save him from a show of weakness or embarrassment. I also liked when Grey Wind noticed and greeted her before all others... something about that just made me smile. Her relationship with Robb is quite nice. I like it when characters are able to reflect a dimensionality of what I expect of them. In my mind mothers are there to nurture and teach. Not just in a formal instructive way but by example and manner. Also, allowing them to fall on their asses once and a while so they can pick themselves up is a thing of admiration in my book. *nod* Although, I wished she were a little nicer to Jon, but, whatevs... I hope that changes in the coming books. Probably not though considering how Jon has taken the black and she's all AH! BASTARD CHILD! Even though his running away from the wall driven by his want to help his brother was FREAKING AMAZING! I kinda have this AU where Jon does run away and helps Robb... but that'd be out of character and against the laws of the story. So... Speaking of running away... Oh,Ghost. He totally ratted Jon's not-so-supah-sekrit-hiding-place out to his friends. LOL!

I wonder if the scattering of the Stark children are all part of a greater plan to unite the Seven under peace. Like Arthur's Albion peace once and for all time. *shrug* Jon and Arya, by far, have to be my favourite out of the kids. Robb being a close second. I actually love all the Stark kids. Except for Sansa. But I'll get to that later. I hope Arya is reunited with Nymeria in the future. I take it Arya becomes like some freaking AWESOME NINJA!ASSASSIN! with all her Braavos training. Oh, that PLUS a wolf?!?!? FREAKING AWESOME! In case you didn't notice, I'm IN LOVE with the idea of kids and wolves. Must be some Jungle Book thing... I just always LOVED wolves and wanted one of my own. Maybe it's because I've been so isolated from my extended family that it's nice to see the bond of a pack. So sweet. *sigh* WOLVES!!!! Wolves rule. Especially if you're like this guy, in which case, I hope he doesn't get eaten like that Grizzly bear dude.

Sansa? W.T.F. WAKE UP GODSDAMN YOU!! Yikes. I wondered what all that Sandor/Sansa fic was out there and wow, um, it's kinda weird. Like Jayne/River weird. At last year's Firefly con someone asked Adam Baldwin what he thought of the Jayne/River ship and he was all, 'RIVER? Nah, she's too young. She's a baby. Plus, it'd be kinda gross. Jayne/Inara. Now that's what I'm talking about. Morena... don't tell my wife. I mean Inara is sexy as hell.'


I can't wait to dive into A Clash of Kings.

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These fellas need names.
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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