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Whut up?

Hey there my pink and yellow sugar coated marshmallowy duckies!! How's everyone doing??? I haven't been on LJ and other time wastey online places (save Facebook, I have a few minutes to spare for farming and killing people godsdammit) cos omg!life how art thou? It's been a while. You and your time consumingness of time. These things that rob me of my online time are: Two jobs. Tutoring my niece. Preparing for the relative invasion in November AND February. Oi, I wish I could call in some reinforcements to help me out with the PURGING of junk and the cleaning! Living with three other people who fly their crap all over the place does not make achieving this goal easy. It makes me even more lazy and my room ends up looking just like the rest of the house. I get home and I just don't have the energy to do anything. I usually end up running away into air conditioned places it's so frakking humid and therefore, NOT clean my house. I fool around on CS3 for half-an-hour or and get absolutely NOTHING accomplished for the Pendragon/Le Fey mix I'm working on. *sigh* Plus, after the FINDING CHICKIES fiasco, I have no lamp in my room. Not that I can't see, cos I LOVE the dark and function pretty well in it. I end up just falling asleep when I've planned to, you know, clean. SAVE MEEEEE!!!

I also barely have time to watch my shows. YAY! for DVD and recording technology. I feel so behind. So out of the loop. Clue me in wontcha? SPOIL ME SILLY! With your life, your shows, your music, anything really. I've caught up with Merlin, HIMYM, Heroes (meh, I don't really care about this anymore), NOT BSG. PLEASE, do not spoil me for The Plan. I have, well, a plan to watch it. I WANT TO WATCH VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV!!!! OMG! I'm so excited! TOMORROW TOMORROW I'LL WATCH IT TOMORROW! IT'S ONLY AN INVASION AWAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!
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