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New Moon Soundtrack

Okay, I'm riding the fence again once more with this fandom.

The Good: ASKDFJ! Holy crap more than half the songs on this thing are by artists that have been used by fans (including myself) for mixes and vids. I'm sure there's less of a sting with this soundtrack cos it's The Jacob Movie. Also, these are bands/artist that I LOVE. Bon Iver AND St. Vincent?!?!? Why, it's almost as awesome as La Roux Vs. The Knife. Grizzly Bear??? Anya Marina???!?! Editors???!!! Lykke Li??!?!? Somebody kill me from the awesome.

The Bad: I hope all the tweeny-bopper fans of this wankdom UNDERSTAND the GREATNESS of these artists and appreciate them for their own artistic merit and not because OMFG!TWILIGHT!IS!LYYYYYYYYYYYYFE!!!!! You know what I mean??? Otherwise, it's a waste of good talent on the unappreciative meaning the band/artist sold out. All artistry has been flushed down the toilet. Ugh. Fandom. You wank bastard. *kicks it in the shins*
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