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Fandom Catchup

Okay. It's in categories this time. SPOILERS. ...does that still count seeing as how some of these episodes are about two weeks old now???

WHAT THE WHAT?!?!??! I hope this Leonard/Penny thing is almost over. I have this instant gag reflex that suddenly makes itself apparent whenever they kiss or pet or say icky relationshippy things to each other. Just. No. On the bright side, I'm glad to see the show didn't become The Sheldon Show because that would've sucked too. The best thing about this is the cast and their chemistry. Ensemble. Huh, that's spelled like assembly, but in French. Woot! Also, the most funniest and awesomest thing so far? Sheldon tossing Penny a chocolate treat. It probably evolved from a ping pong trick.

Here's a vid. Made of cute. Oh, Beauty and the Geek. It's my second favourite kink after Headstrong Hero and Brainy Best Girl-friend. I just realised it's the opposite of the first, so in a sense, the same thing. Therefore, second fave is actually first fave.

WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?!?! MERLIN!!! JUST. TELL. MORGANA!!!! Oi! And they wonder why in the end of the legends she was a spiteful murderous seer. Cos NO ONE TOLD HER THE TRUTH!!! I was literally ripping. My. Hair. Out. It was so frustrating. Gaius. Merlin. UGH! I kept having flashes of this: my brain. Cos it's totally needed. Poor Morgana. *sigh* *squishes her* But Colin Salmon? I love. Everything he does. Even cheesy James Bond movies. Yes, I went to see them JUST cos he was in it. So dashing. ♥ But back to Merlin.

LANCELOT!!!! YAY! I usually don't like this part of the legend but cos Gwen liked him before Arthur in this verse, s'okay. Also, wouldn't the girls have ridden side-saddle???? Yeah. And the not so stealthy stalking on the ridge two metres away from the road was not believable, but then again, it's a kiddie show. I have to keep reminding myself of that. There's has also been a correction to my former assumption of Gwen/Arthur Epic!Music. It is GWEN'S EPIC MUSIC! WHICH IS OMG EVEN MORE AWESOME!! RIGHTEOUS BABE! Also, she can rock running in a dress. All flowy and such. Oh, Gwen. I may have previously spewed on about my Guinevere hate cos of her evil lying deceptive ways as portrayed in most tellings of the story and probably always will. However, maybe she's gotten the short end of the stick like our dear Dr. Weir and is actually cooler than she's written because one out of a million likings is just wrong... and okay, maybe that one time when Lena played Gwen in that Sam Neill version of Merlin but that's cos it was Lena. COME ON!

Speaking of Lena...

They don't really look alike... or maybe they do and I just can't see it (nor can I see Lena as a blonde). Or, and this is more likely, the casting for Children of Dune had me spoiled with the TWINS.

Also, Sean Bean as Ned? I never really pictured him looking like Sean Bean. I was thinking more Richard Armitage but seeing as he's Guy of Gisborne...

Then again, I also saw David Wenham as Jamie so that goes to show you how much I know.

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