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For this I will use my Medieval Feminism icon

GWEN!!!!!! GWENNY GWENNY GWEN GWEN!!!! Total. Ruleage. And dude! Arthur/Gwen is like, cute? Wha??? Not as cute as Merlin/Gwen but still, cute nonetheless this cast is SO AWESOME there is NO NEED for shipwar!!! YOU WILL SHIP THEM ALL TOGETHER!!! EPIC MUSIC! They has it. OMG!♥ It's like BRAVEHEART and LAST OF THE MOHICANS SMOOSHED TOGETHER IN AWESOMENESS!!!

Merlin is cute.

Next week? MORGANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! But DAMN! I'm not gonna be able to see it... Stupid trip... *mumble grumble*

That is all.
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