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Oh, Merlin

SO FULL OF SLASHY LOVE!!!! And dudes, I don't slash. There's slash, fem-slash, OT4-ness, OT5-ness, crazy. For a kiddie show, this is so full of gray areas. I didn't know what being 'gay' was til I was like 12. Yay family viewing! So much love. Love in all its forms.

UTHER. Jackass. Dictator. Crazy. Psychotic. Deranged. BLIND. Holy crap I want epic!family!blow!out! Arthur/Morgana V. Uther. 15 rounds. Camelot courtyard. KA-POW! He's a great authoritarian with a mean streak. You want to hate him cos of the crap he does but you understand his feelings. But seriously, get over it. Take the blame. You ASKED for a child. He was borne of magic. OWN that. Only ONE PERSON can rule The River Nile and dude, that's ME. You have your own kingdom to rule. So rule it. Also, his example of what Arthur does NOT want to be, paves way for greatness.

ARTHUR! What a prat... but hey, it makes the moments of kindness and vulnerability. Creates a sharp relief in his character. *applauds* My fave Arthur is when he's the scrappy bastard child proving his worth and kindness when he was dealt none. Like the one in Joan Wolf's The Road to Avalon. Morgana's a great foil for his snobbery. Gwen for his arrogance. Merlin for his everything else. I really like Bradley's hands, especially when accented with that. Totally. And I don't even LIKE guys like him... same goes for ASkars too, ERIC RULES!... but seriously. Just. Guh. Magnificent hands.

GWEN!! How much do I love Gwen? Like seriously. FOR. REALS. And I TOTALLY hate every incarnation of the character... even the one in Firelord. I really really really tried to like the Gwen in Firelord yet, I can't. *sigh* But this Gwen. THIS. GWEN. IS WHAT GWEN SHOULD ALWAYS BE. And now, I totally see the whole Arthur/Gwen ship. Yes, yes it was inevitable and I am Queen of the Nile. Bite me. Besides, I multi-ship in this fandom whether I know it or not. Oh, brain. *pets*

MORGANA!!! Gaius, you mustn't LIE TO MORGANA!!! It will only come back to bite you in the arse... hard. Do you not know this woman's scorn??? It is IMMENSE and LONG. Elephants envy her memory. Cobras her venom. Don't mess. I hope her journey is dark and full. FLESH THIS STUFF OUT PTBs. *has the faith* I'd love to see how her power and hopefully, her recognition of it, affects her relationships. *WANTS* I have to go hunt for some fic now...

MERLIN!!!! So. Effing. ADORABLE. His angsty man pain. He could stand to gain a few pounds tho cos, yikes he's awfully skinny. In a few years he could play Morpheus. Oh, YES! *plots a new Sandman casting project* I love his hate, nay, strong dislike for the Dragon. I can see them fighting in the future. Mortal enemies. Also, I want more Merlin/Morgana interaction. He should be able to sense that Morgana is a seer, right?

OH, SHOW. So much love. *excited* HEE!
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