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It's official...

I can ship Eric Northman with anyone.

Egglicking? LMAO.

Jason Stackhouse is the most lovable lug nut to ever exist.

Bill is a dick... but kinda not... I dunno about him sometimes. Mostly, I don't like him.

Even though the Maryann story line kinda bored me, Michelle Forbes is a FREAKING AWESOME ACTRESS.

Also, new teevee stuff this week, eh? That GA's sneak peek thing was good. Callie is still my fave... Don't really know if I'm going to watch it tho.

Kanye is a dick.

The ship wars of TBBT is gonna get ugly ain't it? Damn. I hate wank.

Oh, yeah... I'm going away at the end of this month and won't be back til the middle of October.
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