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06 September 2009 @ 12:00 pm
This floor is crackling cold...  
It should be required shipping protocol to make a vid with this song. The universe knows if I had any skill in that department, you can bet your sweet ass I'd be making one for every ship I've ever sailed. And hell I don't even ship Buffy/Angel and I thought it was good.


Dean agrees.
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Luxuria_Oceanus: Fringe: Walter approves!luxuria_oceanus on September 7th, 2009 04:33 pm (UTC)
And I agree with Dean XD
Sunny: Lost Juliet heesunny_serenity on September 8th, 2009 10:00 pm (UTC)
Jack/Gwen is superb but really, you can ship like a ship lovin' slut on TW.
borg_princess: adama-applaudborg_princess on September 14th, 2009 02:40 am (UTC)
Holy crap. I don't even like Gwen but I thought that vid was amazing. It's such an unsettling, uneven song and the vidder caught and expressed that mood so well with the second-long clips jumping from one to the next in fractured moments. WOW. And the choice of clips, the fit to the lyrics- perfect.

And with Buffy...so sad. 'She took my heart, I think she took my soul...' *bites lip* The truth hurts, yo. And again, I don't even ship these two, but whoa.