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Rant Rant RANT!!!

Oh. My. Effing. Shit. STUPID DEATH CAB COMPLETELY SELLING OUT FOR THE EPIC FAIL OF TWILIGHT!!! GRRRR!!!!! ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! Now the fanbase is gonna be all wanktastic and emo!tweeny twenty times MOAR than it already is. However, if it's a Jacob song, then I may reconsider, but at this very moment? RAGE!!! I barely survived the overexposure from The OC. Arrrggggh!! GODSDAMN!

Speaking of sell out. WTF with all the KoL hate? I thought they got better as they progressed. Everyone's all OMG!COMMERCIAL!!! IMO they came out sounding 'commercial' and conventional a la Pearl Jam or The Strokes. I actually like them now. Don't be hating with your emo!hate. It's not pretty.

Not that I like them but I'm a sucker for stripped versions of EPIC!SOUND! and this was just yesterday and it sounds good not as good as KoL but still good...

But my fave so far, is this. Oh, CALEB! Gods, his voice. Reminds me of Levon Helm.

LOL! *iz amused by the mood theme* LMAO!!! Therefore, I'm using it, cos it SO doesn't reflect my mood at the moment but it made me laugh. Oh, Doctor Who...
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