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Okay, so I've never really talked about Torchwood on here cos well, it's painful and all hurty. But laregan loaned The Bro the box-sets and I looted them from him and OMG! I forgot how much fun it was. Oh, series one and your randomly standing on tall Cardiff buildings. *pets* Also, I remembered how much it hurts to watch cos... well, if you've seen all the way to CoE then you know what I'm talking about. But the awesome totally outweighs the unawesome.

I bounced back from this TW thing quicker than I did from all those other shows that I hate to love. Proof? Well, only yesterday when one of those s6 eps from CSI reran did I actually have that same buzz I got from it when I was fully invested. Awww, Cath/Gil FOREVER!! *sigh* Anyway, all that being said, I pretty much forced myself to forget how awesome TW is until I got up to They Keep Killing Suzie's end and the moment, if you play for Gwen/Jack it's THAT MOMENT with all the slo-moey beautifulness of Lamb, did it ALL come rushing back to me and I went OMG! I REMEMBER! HE CAME BACK FOR HER!!!! FOR. HER. *FLAIL* ...all at about two-thirty in the morning. Do you know how hard it is to contain SQUEE at that moment?

And GODS am I an angst whore...

However, TW is so free in it's storytelling (It's like reading Detective Comics. One-shots are BRILLIANT when written correctly) and its character moments are so brief yet certain that really, you can ship anybody and I totally ship it too. (YES! Shipper!whore returns!) There is always tragedy and craziness and psycho life/death, death/life choices. I guess due to the very nature of the show it's not surprising if your favourite character dies or shags the right person for all the wrong reasons or vice-versa. It's just a magnified look at the darker side of the human condition. And that's awesome.

In regular news: *iz in pain*
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