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It's like a full fledged wooden ye olde ship but it's full of BSG characters and we're all in secondary school. I'm thinking Ye Olde Battlestar: Galactica the Wee Years. Somewhere within the past week or so, I've made friends with Dualla (probably because she's the calendar girl for August in my room). We sit or stand, as it were, next to one another in class. I think it was Cain's class (the standing) cos we got busted for talking because I was making her laugh. I don't remember the convos in detail but I do remember it had something to do with the physicality of rolling with the ship port and starboard). Our obvious good natured relationship came under public analysis by the Admiral to the point of making us uncomfortable. Glaringly so.

In an effort to not be scrutinised in public anymore we made friends with other people. Or, more correctly, she did. Cos me? Not so much with the making of friends. Then we're at this mixer and some really Tall German Guy (I don't know why I remember this detail) is making an effort to pick me up. I see him from afar getting two drinks from Joe's Bar and working his way through the room to me but I really really really have to pee. I know. So either I'm trying to dodge him or I really really have to pee. I'm thinking it's a combo of both problems.

I finally get to the head (uni-sex, of course) but someone's cleaning it. It was Mary Shannon. I know. I give her the sob story of what's happening and what just happened and somehow she feels sympathy for me cos she lets me in. I get into the stall and do what I have to do but then I remain there for fear of having to socialise omg! In the meantime Dualla and all her new cronies have somehow weaseled their way into the head too. Mary blocks off the stall I'm in but it's more like a shower stall with that weird slidey door feature and the glass is covered by a one way mirror (in looking out so you can see if someone is entering the bathroom while you're on the loo). I can see Dualla's new entourage consisting of Apollo, Starbuck, Racetrack, Kat (KAT!), Gaeta, Barolay a few nameless recurring marines AND the Tall German Guy. Mary's trying her best to act casual and continue to wipe down the mirrored stall doors and deflect Dualla's questions about seeing me come in earlier. She does an excellent job. Of course! She's freaking MARY SHANNON and she's PROTECTING ME!!! *fangirls*

By sheer force of numbers they manage to get around her and open the shower-esque slidey door and they all get a good look at me huddled on the floor crying and trying not to cry simultaneously. Then they all get that reacty face that actors get in Drew Barrymore films when they see something that they don't expect. Most of them leave after that. Dualla and the Tall German Guy stay back. I think she's trying to apologise but I can't really see or hear what she's doing cos the Tall German Guy is all I can see through the saline pouring out of my tear ducts.

...aaaaaaaaaaaaaand then I wake up and have to pee like really really really bad.

So, whatdya think flist? Feel free to interpret this for me cos I'm SOOPER confoozled.

Dear Brain,

I have issues with this dream. Firstly, WHY would I curl up into a ball and cry in a public place? OOC-much? Secondly, can you at least present a dream with a CONCLUSION??? All this upheaval and NO resolution??? WTF?!?! Third, can we at least HEAR what Tall German Guy sounds like??? Cos I have this weird need to at least know where in Germany he's from. Fourth, can we have Mary Shannon as a recurring dream!character too??

What are we going to do tonight,
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