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Is this unhealthy?

Sheldon/Penny is taking!over!my!brain!with!CUTE!AWKWARD!and!TOTAL!LOVE!

Holy crap.

There's funny fake!dating fic with how-did-this-become-hot narrative pieces like this:
There's no way with how awkward he is and how surprised she is and how weird the whole thing is that they're going to get through the taking-the-pants-off part with any kind of sexiness...


And super geeky stuff like this:
"Oh, Sheldon, I don't know, tomorrow night was going to be dedicated to leveling up Queen Penelope. She's really falling behind in the guild."

"I'll level her for you."

"Farming, too?"

"Farming, too."


Or you get future!fic with stuff like this:
This was less along the lines of "Sheldon lets me sit in his spot on the couch" and more along the lines of "Sheldon keeps his toothbrush in a sealed case under a UV light."

And this:
"Oh, well," she says, with a hint of a pout, "no brown jacket today." She straightens his collar and glances up; he's staring at her lips, completely transfixed. "Honey," she says, "your biological imperative is showing."

He folds his arms across his chest and says nothing. Point Penny!, she thinks, and leads him out the door, fighting the little fits of laughter that keep bubbling up inside her.


And stuff like this...

...fuels the fire.
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