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Cos this is the only thing that I really looked forward to...


Now, I have issues with this current season of SYTYCD.

First, it was marred by she-who-shall-not-be-named.

Second, my faves are all gone, save one and I hope to hell she wins.

Third, WTF is up with all the hype about Kayla? Yes, she has technique. Yes, she has beautiful lines. Does she have personality that comes across the screen? No. Is she friends with some of the judges and choreographers and therefore kinda making the contest unfair? Hell. Yes.

Some people have had issues with this in the past for example, Lauren from s3, she's worked with Tyce and a few other choreographers before auditioning for the show or Will from s4. However, I liked Lauren and what ever was thrown at her she rose to the occasion. With Kayla, it seems that because of the existing relationships that the choreographers pretty much construct their numbers, whether it be group or pairs, to showcase her the most. I'm being FORCE FED to like her and it just completely turns me the other way. LOATHING would be an appropriate word. Her appearance also doesn't help matters. She reminds me too much of Paris Hilton. Even MORE unfair? Melissa got NO play in Sonya's group routine on Wednesday while Jeanine AND Kayla did. WTF? If Kayla wins, SYTYCD will no longer be the one happy respite of my unbearable summers.

Fourth, as much as I love him, Evan should've been gone a long time ago. It's like I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU SHOULD GO HOME!!! Stay cute and unjaded and perfectly perfect in your style cos you ROCK it. He's become the Sanjaya of this year. Oh, Evan go HOME honey! *pets*

Fifth, on ONE hand I can recall the routines I've liked. In previous years there were SO MANY.

Sixth, where did all the personality go? WHERE? Second season there was Benji ♥, Travis ♥, Donyelle ♥, Heidi ♥, Ivan, ALLISON!, Musa, that-Greek-girl-whose-name-I-forget, Dmitry. Season three had DOM ♥ and SABRA ♥! PASHA & ANYA ♥ ♥!, Jamie and HOK ♥ ♥! Last year, Twitch and Kherington! MARK AND CHELSIE ♥ &hearts &hearts!!! And although they weren't really popular I ♥'d Kourtni & Matt and all their twelve feet of DANCE! This year I can only remember Janette and Pono breaking that barrier. *sigh*

I hope s6 isn't as disappointing otherwise my life will Cat Deeley-less. *sigh*
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