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I need a TEAM icon...

I bet you there are people jumping on the Eliot/Sophie ship now. Bam. And if so, WHERE have you people been??? I've been saying this since s1, their chemistry has some kind of synergy that's not evident to me when it comes to Nate/Sophie. This is frustrating to me because I'm normally all over something like Nate/Sophie. Does anyone else have this problem. I want to like N/S but I can't/don't... what is wrong with me???

Hardison and Parker rassling. Funny. As. Hell. Plus it totally solidifies the Eliot = older brother and Parker = younger sister equation that I have in my head. So CUTE! Like no one messes with my little sister but me thing they have going on. C'mon!

I 'awwwww'd four times in this ep. First, when Eliot was the shy guy in debt. LOVE. Second, Eliot getting Sophie to see that MMA stuff is more than two guys beating the crap out of each other yet conceding that, yes, it is also about two guys beating the crap out of each other. Third, Eliot talking to Sophie when she's trying to convince him that he doesn't have to fight and his 'control comes from within' speech. AWWW. Third, when Sophie telling the guy 'It's what he does.' AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! TEAMY GOODNESS!! All is forgiven from Second David. ...and you can read in to it, or not. *shrug*

Parker eating all that junk food and then getting indigestion at the end. HILARIOUS.

Parker wearing the I ♥ Nebraska shirt and Nebraska hat. LOL.

Parker playing with the walrus plushy thing that covers golf clubs. Very Parker.

Parker 'going to get the doctor' means waiting to sneak into bad guys office. LOL.

I guess now all they have to do is a Hardison and Sophie character ep and everyone's covered, yes?

As much as I love Hardison and Parker working together I wanna see them work with everyone else too. TEAMY GOODNESS! It is needed and pretty much the spine of this entire show.

Christian Kane's lil beer belly and love handles! I think I love that more than I love someone with a six-pack. It shows how HUMAN he is not some hotbod-romance-novel-fake-plasticky-model. So awesome.
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