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Pretender movies and EPIC!CRACKY!FANDOM!IDEAS!

Okay, so I finished The Pretender movies... and holy crap I want CONCLUSION!GODSDAMMIT!! WTF with the scrolls? Ancient prophecies? More doom 'n gloom? Some weird freaky deaky breeding programme to create an army of highly functioning Angelos? Cos that's totally possible in the world of Pretender. I want defiance of the system from Parker and Jarod making his OWN destiny. Godsdammit. There has to be fic about that, yes?

Jarod thinking the best of Parker and trying to appeal to a sense of normality for the two of them. Then the rejection from her. The angst. Oh, ship! Plus, Jarod referring to Parker as 'tall, brunette, great legs' had me ROFLMAO. So. True. Hell, they used her to double Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Then, after the squee was over, it was kinda weird to see them together on my screen for more than one scene.

Also, I didn't feel sorry for Ocee dying cos HOLY CRAP KISSUS INTERRUPTUS! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG PEOPLE HAVE WAITED FOR THAT MOMENT???? DO YOU??!??! And she ruined it. RUINS IT I SAY! Also a funny little tidbit, when I was marathoning s4 The Old Man watched a few of them with me and goes: "You know, I always thought Jarod would end up with that girl that's chasing him, the one with the legs. How come that never happened?" Me: "Cos they got CANCELED." Him: "Stupid NBC." Me: "Word."


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Epic!Crack!Idea! Charlie Crews gets loaned out to Brenda Johnson. Does she assist in his search for the higher ups that framed him? (The REAL reason made of awesome conspiracy not that shooting from the hip crap we got in s2. Puh-leez.) Or can she not handle his zenitude because of her crazy random tendencies? Or do they learn from each others respective crazy? Also, does Dani get assigned to the same unit and Brenda helps her get over her trust issues? Discuss.

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ANOTHER Epic!Crack!Idea! All the twins in the 'verse square off for control of the galaxies. Leto & Ghanima. Luke & Leia. Parker & Lyle. Austin Powers & Dr. Evil. William & Marcus Corvinus. Glory & Ben. Nuala & Nurada. Pietro & Wanda. Adam & Adora. Fred & George. Sheldon & Missy. Artemis & Apollo. I vote for Leto & Ghani because they are ancient and eternal. Discuss.

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I've been having a lot of Merlin dreams. None of which I can remember but when I wake, I know I've just visited Camelot or Albion. Frakking dreams. I WANT TO REMEMBER!! I feel so peaceful after waking from them.

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Paget Brewster. She's made of funny. Seriously.

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Tonight: LEVERAGE!!! I think Sophie gets held for ransom or something. YAY! ...and SYTYCD with Ellen DeGeneres as a judge. Hmmm.

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Dragon babies: Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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