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Post of Non-sequitors

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Hopefully I do better with these.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

I'm a horrible dragon mama. I FORGOT about them!!! *cries* Cos I was sick.

Lisbon agrees.

The awesome of Lisbon/Jane.

The Mother was watching Castle last night and I think she's hooked. YAY!FILLION!FANGIRLS! I've never really talked about Castle have I? It's fabulous. The end.

Leverage. Oh, show! I ♥ thee. First season marathon was excellent. I laugh just as hard and long as if I'm seeing it for the first time. According to the commentary Beth Reisgraf doesn't improv ANY of her lines only the physicality of Parker.


The reunion at a bar scene. Pakistan. Funny.

Six months?!??! They've been apart six months and they're miserable. Oh, TEAM!

NATE QUIT DRINKING. WHAT?!?! So is he gonna be more or less of a jerk this season? I predict more. Just cos he's such a control freak and now doped up on coffee. Coffee is evil.

Parker eating cereal watching Nate sleep. Funny.

Eliot: *laughs* She's dressed that way cos she's doing a con.
Nate: What you thought she was dressed like a nun for no reason?
Eliot: It's Parker.
Nate: *shrugs* Alright, fair enough.

Sophie's hair. Pretty. *pets*

Parker's analogy of people being locks to Hardison. She's telling him to WAIT FOR HER and Hardison GETS. IT. Oh, Parker. She's GROWN! *pets* And then she wants to steal everything. So maybe it's a little growth.

Eliot apologising for beating up the mob guys. Funny.

The return of 'Seriously?'. WIN.

Parker's robot dance. So. Funny. ROFLMAO.

They con Nate into doing a con. Oh, writers, how you like to mirror your own plots. *pets them* It's the next best thing to continuity.

The quotey fingers of Parker. And then her checking to make sure she did it right. PARKER! ILUSFM!

Detonators in Eliot's pants and him being mad. Funny. Eliot mad and/or frustrated is GOLD.

Eliot getting shot and then going to commercial? Evil.

But then it was Sophie that shot him so it was all good. Was she supposed to be putting on a Jordy accent? Is that what that was????

That thing about wolves being in the world? I'm all over that. Especially if they look like this:

Using the tax bailout from the government as the background for the skeezy bad guy was apropos. Nice.

Also, I wanted to see Parker and Hardison duct tape O'hare to the wheel.

Sophie/Nate. I dunno, really about this thing that they're trying to give us. (You like the alliteration in that sentence?) Normally I'd be ALL OVER that yet I'm not. I don't know what it is. Cos it's not like Hutton and Belman can't act and bring it cos they do, don't get me wrong, I see what they're giving us and totally get it, I just don't feel it. What's wrong with me? Maybe they made the kids too interesting or maybe my brain wires ELIOT/SOPHIE > nate/sophie. Eliot + Sophie = HOTNESS. omg!

"Hi! I'm old Nate and I live here too!"

Eliot's triumph

Hardison is Nate's landlord. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! They're gonna weasel their way back into his life and heart whether he has a say in it or not. Teamy goodness. Tasty.

Next week: Eliot rassles a bear.

I pretty much cried with laughter. Okay that's it. NO. MORE. SPOILING. MYSELF. OH, SHOW!!!
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