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Dichotomy Post

So let us categorise cos it helps my brain.

- MUTHAFRAKKERS! BSG snubbed once again by the Emmy's. They should be assimilated.
- And with seven individual shows nominated for Best Drama Series, how come there was no room (AGAIN) for Battlestar Galactica, nor a single acting honoree from the groundbreaking sci-fi series. What. The. Frak? Do Emmy voters somehow not manage to get SciFi (SyFy?) on their cable lineups? I just hope that some day, when the aliens finally land on this planet, they don't decide it's not worth saving based on Mary McDonnell's lack of Emmy recognition for her role as BSG's President Laura Roslin. FULL ARTICLE HERE


- FIRST DAY OUTTA THE HOUSE IN 14 DAYS!!! OMG! The sun. It shines.
- Got my chia-esque hair trimmed.
- Late night Voyager reruns. Seven returned to the collective but didn't sign up for a commission. I did not know this happened. Plus, Janeway has a big case of helmet hair. Whoa. Anybody got some Janeway/Chakotay fic recs??? The angst. It burns.
- Went to Target with the mother and found LEVERAGESEASONONEOMG! Yes, I dropped thirty bucks for it cos Leverage is crack and it is fantastic crack.
- I also found PERSUASION WITH CIARAN HINDS! OMG! DO YOU KNOW THE SQUEE?!?!?!? It was loud. And in public.
- PRETENDER MOVIES!!! YAY! Just in time. I finished s4 two days ago. I'm so glad I didn't see it when it aired cos holy frak I can't believe that's how it ended and I want Pretender conclusion NOW. ...and then of course it gives me an excuse to re-re-re-re-read aj's The Weight of Water. READ EEEET!!
Tags: boring life stuff, eff you universe, fandom, teevee: battlestar galactica, teevee: leverage, teevee: pretender, teevee: trek, television ate my brains, what the what?!

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