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Brightest Sky

How Kirk and Uhura relate, or not, to one another either emotionally, professionally or both. Also, there's a lot of self-loathing Kirk. Don't really know how that happened...

Get Up Get Out ~ The Rosebuds

Talk from the heart is heard on the lips
And soon the whispers will birth chaos in the courts of the rich
But one darkened night desperate crowds will show
Swollen like rivers with the winter snow

~ * ~

Now, Now ~ St. Vincent

I'm not your mother's favorite dog
I'm not the carpet you walk on
I'm not one small atomic bomb
I'm not anything at all

~ * ~

Sit Down By the Fire ~ The Veils

Born from the night in the roaring wind
Cast out of the shadows by an unknown hand
Warmed by the light of these falling limbs
Drunk on the sadness of a universe unmanned

~ * ~

Damaged Ones ~ Anna Ternheim

Endless need like a burning sun
Burns like you my damaged one

~ * ~

It Hits Deep ~ The Veils

Hope there's someone
Cause I've been down so long
All for something
Good for nothing at all

~ * ~

All For Believing ~ Missy Higgins

I know you blanket your mind
So much that I am blind
But I, I see you’ve painted your soul into your guard

~ * ~

Fern Beard ~ The Submarines

In the beginning we all start as a tiny seed then a tender sprout
With water light and the hope of love
We grow up towards the skies above

~ * ~

Black Hole ~ The Rosebuds

When scientists made it and all was destroyed
My little diary was all that survived
Carries seeds of corruption of beauty and lies
An ugly little fruit all alone

~ * ~

Brightest Hour ~ The Submarines

Wandering through starry skies
And when tomorrow's day arrives
I'll be a moment closer to the
Brightest hour here with you

~ * ~

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