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Random Fandom

I got season 3 & 4 of The Pretender OR as The Mother calls it 'The Jarod Show', from the store (Jelly's RULES!) and how much do I love that Miss Parker is one BAMFHBIC? Also, how much do I want to icon this picture? It's almost as great as the one where ear nomming happens. Heh.

THE greatest callback in the history of callbacks.

wickedandcruel has me on a Jason/Nicky kick and HOLY CRAP THIS IS THE BEST VID EVER!

*FANGIRLS* Must. Marathon. Must. Have. Fourth. Movie. Of. AWESOME.

Which then led into THIS.

Aaaaand then THIS. Which is brilliant. How much do we want Character Driven: Atlantis?

Oh fandom, you break me heart.
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