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Bringing the LULZ

You know how they have those entertainment thingies on the teevee for like an hour on Sundays? Instead of hassling with trying to find something to watch for an hour before the news The Mother decides to leave it on the station that has that entertainment thingy. Apparently they're trying to hype everyone for New Moon so majority of the hour is spent talking about the cracky fandom and zomg!boyz!fangirls.

As the reporter lays out the plot, characters, actors etc etc The Mother turns and looks at The Bro and says: "So all the boys want her? Why?" *like River*

The Bro: "Cos she's the new 'Why Are You The IT Girl'? I don't know, ask your daughter. She read 'em."

Me: "Yeah, I dunno, she's supposed to be like the 'temptation' for the vampire boy and the 'unattainable best friend' for the wolf boy."

The Bro: "And he doesn't wanna bite her or something..."

Me: "Cos it's ETERNAL LURVE!"

The Bro: "Something about not making her a vamp too cos blah dee blah..."


The Mother: "So it's all about NOT trying to bite her?"

The Bro & Me: *THE LULZY*
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