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Holy Crapticles Guys!

READ THIS LIFE FIC! IT IS AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND SUBTLE AND OMFG!GIVE!LIFE!A!THIRD!SEASON! It's a WIP and I NEVAR read WIPs whilst in the 'progress' part cos I am impatient but this. THIS. O.M.G.GUYS! It's told forward from the end of s2 and counted BACKWARDS to ONE. ONE! DUDES! Holy crap, it makes me ship Crews/Reese like that instead of like this: Crews,Reese. There is a gigantornormous difference between the "/" & the "," between names and dudes, it has converted me to the former 10986890025342times. That is a feat in and of itself. OMG! READ EEEEEEEET!!! And then curse NBC for LIFE.

Seven Veils by comice @ anjoufic

And as a wonderful companion piece: Sway ~ The Annuals

One, two, three, yeah

I'm in love with everything I see today
Well it's bright and new

Some waves have borrowed all of my pain
For the next few hours I can sway

I can sway
Where I lay I can sway

The water's rising
Life is ending
Oh, I've lived on top of my own words

I'm not shaking
Speed is the only factor

A kitten on a patio, a kitten on a patio is looking for me
A kitten on a patio, that kitten on a patio can't get to me where I lay

Where I lay
I can sway
Where I lay
I can sway

The water's rising
Life is ending
Oh, I've lived on top of my own words

Have it all
We'll have it all
We can...
Tags: everything is musical, i just have a lot of feelings, ships ahoy!, teevee: life

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