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Head. Sore.

*falls in half ded* You know what I hate? The kind of sleep where you KNOW you're asleep so you never really sleep, like SLEEP sleep. I LOATHE those kinds of nights. I'm so frakking drained, tired, listless *insert adjective of choice here* I have a splitting headache.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to answer these questions about yourself. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged.
I got tagged by untoldsarcasm who wanted an embarrassing story.

1. What is one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to you?
Walked out of a public bathroom with my skirt tucked in my knickers. I was 9. Traumatised for LIFE.

2. What is one guilty pleasure that you indulge in?
Just one? I waste time online when I should be doing RL important things like going to the bank.

3. What was your favourite show as a child?
Sesame Street. OMG! *fangirl* Lately tho, don't really like the direction they're taking it in... Um, yeah.

4. How much time a day do you spend on Facebook?
If MySpace is The Devil then Facebook is it's evil twin.

5. How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?
I do not understand the pertinence of this question.

6. Do you collect anything?
Shit, yes. laregan can vouch for all of these. I take old calenders and rip 'em in half and use the picture side as decoration. TeeVee on DVD. Comics. Trading Cards. Maps. Posters. Old crap. Books. CDs. Dust.

7. What is your favourite song?
Never had an ALL TIME fave song... it always depends on my mood. Right now, I can't get Don't Stop Believing outta my head.

8. Have you ever written a sappy love poem?
Erm, no. Have you?

9. How different is your adult life from what you imagined it to be at 16?
At 16 I thought I'd have my license to drive, join a gym, visit Blockbuster weekly and have the best job working at a radio station. Only one of those things is the same as then.

10. If you could stay any age for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Hmmm, three. Three was a good age. My lil bro was born. My Kung-kung was still alive, so was my Nana, you know, all the good happy people. I remember everything three and below was fabulous and full of love and life and excitement and thrills and newness.

I tag: odakota_rose, latenightcuppa, jenn12597, bisclaveret, laregan, njborba, aliasledger, wannatee1984, rory_elizabeth, wickedandcruel

Cos I got to see Star Trek for FREE today, this is Spock 'N Kirk Adopt one today!
Also, please to be can the next Trek movie have MOAR Uhura in the thick of the actiony/adventuring? Cos she'd be fricken badass. Can I get a SO SAY WE ALL?

I'm thinking this one is a girl too *wants the boy!* Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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