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It's like fandom Pon Farr!!!

Star Trek has eaten my brains...

Uhura LOVE!

Bring Back Star Trek Part 1

Bring Back Star Trek Part 2

Bring Back Star Trek Part 3

Bring Back Star Trek Part 4

Bring Back Star Trek Part 5

Bring Back Star Trek Part 6

Bring Back Star Trek Part Part 7
Why this ONE part got embedding disabled will remain a mystery...

Part 8

Uhura Prime! Also, Gene Roddenberry was a pretty special guy. Ahead of the times.

Can she speak Spanish in the next film too?

The 5 things she was asked for this interview.
1. On her character.
2. On Uhura meeting Kirk.
3. On Kirk.
4. On Kirk's bad boy appeal.
5. On the chemistry of the cast.

Awwwww, ZOE! GIRL!CRUSH! Dudes, my love for her has grown immensely these last few years.

This is gonna make me want Bones/Uhura now en't it? TREK!!! Why must you be filled with PRETTY!OMG!

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