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Post Made Of Sad

My Lover Very Much Alive by angela_weber Holly Molly this is the saddest Jack/Juliet fic I've ever read. SAD.EST. JULIET LIVES! I DEFY YOU STARS! GODSDAMNYOU!

A superb SCC fanvid.

Dear Fox, I kinda hate you. Seriously, they renewed Dollhouse yet not SCC? WTF?

Their LAME excuses.

One Last Thing from Josh Friedman

The FUNNIEST chat of Josh Friedman trying to convince fans he's JOSH FRIEDMAN

I hope they take it to some other station even tho JF says no... *sigh* WB is in talks with SciFi. However, SciFi wants to serialise the show with stand alone eps and yeah, that would be good except some of those didn't do so well for BSG. The Woman King, anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Black Market, anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Bones: Honestly, I think Cam is the only reason I'd watch... I haven't since the end of s2 but YAY! HULU!

You Were Born into the Water Element

You are an open, receptive person who values communication. You believe in staying flexible.

You are thoughtful and philosophical. You are still trying to figure out the meaning of your life.

You have to watch out for your own judgments. You often change your mind, and you should avoid clinging to dogma.

You are calm and passive. You don't rush to make things happen in your life. You accept things as they are.

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