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Lost Reaction Post

What. The. Eff. ASKDFJ!&*%$!@#

Dear PTBs,

Would you kindly stop making characters that are AWESOME and BRILLIANT and FANTASTIC and AMAZING and believable AND THEN KILL THEM OFF or make it SEEM like you've killed them off AND THEN MAKE ME WAIT NINE NINE MONTHS TO SEE IF IT'S TRUUUUUUUUUUE.

No love,

Also, the severe lack of Des & Penny was noticed.

Now the good parts.

ROSE AND BERNARD!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! *JUMPS IN GLEE* Dudes, I ♥ them so much. I don't even know why. I just DO.

SUN & JIN! Aww, young married tiems. However, the lack of continuity with Sun's dress was jarring. Also, they filmed that in Valley of the Temple.

SAYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID!!! Oh, how is this man so hot? All sweaty and muscled and SMART in a black wife-beater. Mmmm mmmmm, good. Also, SAAAAAAAAD! Nadia getting hit like that. Where as Ed getting hit by a bus was funny, this, was tragic. I kinda got weepy.

Jacob & Esau. C'mon, tell me you guys knew that wasn't Locke. He was all creepy and weird from the get go. Also, Esau was played by TITUS WELLIVER!!! I want more of him. Lost IS the afterlife for Deadwood peeps. *approves* Plus, we GOT THE BLACK ROCK SHIP! OMG! The first OTHERS. Whut up with the statue tho? Is ANYONE who's on that island a native? Like thousands-of-years-aboriginal-tribe native not my-parents-were-brought-here-by-a-company native.

On that note, I miss Alex. And Rousseau. She was crazy. I miss the crazy.

Then the 'They're coming' at the end? HOLLY FREAKING JEBUS H CHRISTIES AUCTION BLOCK. See, this is why I can't stand watching teevee shows like this with arc story telling it makes me neurotic and twitchy.

And still on the statue, what'd Ricardo Montalban say in answer to the 'what lies in the shadow of the statue' question? Ille qui nos omnes servabit. Dudes, I don't speak Latin the closed caption told me how to spell that. ... *runs to the wiki* *runs back* BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Trek, you are not the ONLY fandom made of nerd!love. Question: What lies in the shadow of the statue? Answer: He who will protect/save us all.

So who's Ilana working for? Jacob? Widmore? Some other entity? The 'they' from the 'They're coming'? WHO?

FLASHBACKS!: Aww, wee!Juliet! How cute was that? And RACHEL! Big sister Rachel, AWWWWW! DEADWOOD LIVES! *ahem* So weird to see wee!Juliet and to know who she turns out to be and what contributed to the GUARDED!HEART!LEADS!TO!STOIC!FACE! conundrum that she is.

Wee!Sawyer. *sniff* *huggles him*

Wee!Kate. Meh.

JACK/JULIET STILL LIVES!!! OMG! I know they're playing it all Kate/Jack, Juliet/Sawyer but ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, YO! *sigh* Even tho they've been apart for a LOOOOOONG time, they still worked together. TOGETHER. *FLAIL* I don't really know, I'm not MAD at the lack of Jack/Juliet cos there's still enough other stuff to distract me but when I see them agree or disagree or in near proximity to each other I get all AKLSJFD!@#$%&* and conflicted. Especially when she says stuff like "Live together, die alone." DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDES! *sigh*

Why, please tell me WHY every ship I sail ends up being a submarine? WHY every favourite character of mine is butchered/assassinated/killed? Is this punishment for not liking what majority likes? Is that what it is? Is the universe MOCKING me for having left of center tastes? Cos I thought I was pretty ho hum when it came to stuff like that but NO the Universe MOCKS ME for my preferences.

Juliet DESERVES a happy ending godsdammit. And THAT? Was NOT a happy ending at ALL. However, let's take a moment to fangirl the awesomeness of Elizabeth Mitchell, shall we?


I was gonna put a clip there but after I watched it I realised how CRUEL it would've been so we get pretty pictures instead.

Now that I think about it, last night wasn't an ending at all. It was a reboot. HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS NEXT!!! Nyyyyyyyyyarrrrrggggghhhh!!!

*sing* Dharma laaaady
How ya been
Are we lovers
Or are we just friends

I believe
Oh, I believe
I'm in love again

Yeah your kisses
It feels so right
Buty you had another man
Hold up last night

I believe
Oh, I believe
I'm in love again

I can always tell
When you've been drinkin'
But I never know
Just what you're thinkin'

But I believe
Oh, I believe
I'm in love again

You say one thing once
And two things twice
I'm so confused
I can't take my own advice

But I believe
Oh, I belieeeve
I'm in love again

Oh I believe
Oh I beleeeheeheeve
I'm in love again

I'm gonna listen to Dharma Lady on repeat now.
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