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M'kay. I'm better now. Family Guy cured the rage with laughter. *Note to self: Don't go to sleep angry.

Adopt one today!

A meme nicked from bisclaveret aaaaages ago... For the record, I hate the last one.

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn your music player on and turn it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble/ficlet related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterward!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.


1. The New ~ Interpol: It's always been this way between them. A fencing match of sorts. Attacks, parries, thrusts and lunges. They graduate every five years or so from one form to the next. Sometimes, he wishes she were as easy an opponent as some of the knights he faced in tournaments. That there was some part of him that he didn't have to armour against her. Some part of him that didn't remained locked away. His life would be so much easier. Then again, a king's life is never one that glides through history.

2. Flyin' ~ Regina Spektor: Horses hooves pound out a rhythm beneath her with the wind flying through her hair. The deep inhale of air punctuating the hooves staccato. It is freedom. Poetry. She wishes for every moment to be this free. Faster she urges her mount. Fly, she wills him. She cannot help but smile. Arthur watches from afar.

3. When You Go Out ~ I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness: She could be his queen. Not the queen of Cornwall or Rheged but High Queen. Queen of Camelot. His Queen. So he bests every challenger that competes for his lady's hand, for her favour. If only she could see him as more than Arthur more than what he is but what he will be. Start over. Start again from their first meeting. If only he'd begun their relationship just this side of contention, maybe. He never meant to be prat, it was only so she didn't see how taken he was with her. Stupid, stupid boy. No time like the present to be a king.

4. I've Seen It All ~ Bjork: It thrums through her wakening body. The heat of the earth. The swell of the oceans. The songs of the birds. The rhythm of life. There is so much she doesn't understand, so much she doesn't see but feels. She feels it. Intuition, maybe. Her frustration manifests itself in her taut walk, her furrowed brow. Pieces of memory, or is it future, pass before her eyes. Something calls to her, something she can hear but not understand. She will find it. She will see it.

5. Hrafnagaldur/Odin's Raven Magic ~ Hilmar Orn Hilmarson & Sigur Ros: Voices call to her. Beckon her home. She is out of place yet now, is her time. She is chosen to be doomed never to find happiness. Only to find purpose. Her power comes from the land. The water. The minerals of the earth. The iron in her peoples shed blood. Try as she might, Camelot cannot stay the storm that is Morgana Le Fay. Vengeance will be hers. She has become the tempest that will bring the demise of that malignant rule marring the earth. Magic will reclaim it's proper place in the scrolls of history. Under the dragon's banner swords will clash. He understands as she does, war must have it's opposing sides and sides must have their commanders. Under the wolf's skin love will be reborn. She will always be his downfall as he will always be her stalwart standing fast. After balance has been forged brought about through violence and bound by blood, together, they will be called home to Avalon.

6. Xerxes' Final Offer ~ Tyler Bates: His machinations come to fruition. A deal is struck. He will be freed. Finally. Decades of darkness will be sloughed off as he sheds these flaky scales for a new coat. The boy wizard has done his duty. The boy king is to continue his. He will once more be the Great Dragon, once more to be brought down, humiliated by a young king. It is destiny.

7. Undo ~ Bjork: Ice trickles from the frozen waterfall as spring nips at winter's heels. She cannot wait for the fields to bloom with wild flowers, for the crisp spring air to billow through the region. The people live for the season that belongs to their Queen. Picnics await their future. Gaiety abounds, night fires rage and the kindness of Camelot bestowed upon her loyal subjects. Yet, her heart yearns for her friend to partake with her. Morgana is distant, beyond Gwenhyfar's reach. How she longs for the days of their youth when, even though all was not well, the time was simpler. The heavy burdens of adulthood and leadership were held upon wider shoulders. It is in her honour she holds the annual spring festival. Arthur is a firestorm in the tournaments. Merlin calls it Beltane.

8. I'd Ask ~ Mugison: There is no doubt love runs between them. Yes, it is in barbs and disdain but it is still love. He'd be daft to willingly let her see he cares so much. It is only himself he fools. She needn't do much but inquire of one thing or another to have him bending backwards for her. She knows. She'd be daft to let him know it. Then again, all's fair in love and war.

9. Cocoon ~ Bjork: Their liaisons were the worst kept secret in the castle. Merlin spent more time in the stocks for keeping Uther off their trail. Gwen, was far more successful. No one doubted the attraction. None but themselves. It took them unawares that the one you've spent nearly your entire life with was the one to fall in with. Surprising that. The bickering was a mere pretense for their intimate moments. She never thought of men beautiful until she watched him slumber in the aftermath. He was enchanting. This bond was far deeper than she could have imagined. He melted away the insecurities buzzing within, calmed her as much as he riled her. He stayed as long as possible warming her bed, her thoughts, her body. They became more than boy and girl.

10. The Funeral ~ Greg Edmonson The fighting was over. Peace was but metres away. There, he could find respite. Eerie how, mere hours ago, violent turmoil engulfed their lives. Now, the stillness of the lake surrounded their skiff. He inquired of home. He wanted to rest. You shall, she assured him. We're going home, Arthur. Home to Avalon. Their era had found its end.
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