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Best. Opening. Evar.

Oh, CRAIG!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! *dance dance*

And these are the LULZ...
all by bloomyicons

Foot update: IT'S NOT BROKEN! W00T! It is however a 'soft tissue strain' so I still have to do nothing for the next few days. *iz antsy* I should be good by next week. Bah!!! So here's what I've been doing.


Family Guy is so freaking funny. What happened to it??? *sad* I'm rewatching s1&2. Woot! It's kind of weird that Claudia Lacey Chabert was the voice of Meg for the first two years. I keep expecting Jackie Mila Kunis...

LOST!!! I'm in that weird soooper!excited and totally!dreading place for the 100th ep... Someone's gonna die. You KNOW someone's gonna die!!! Plus, we get Faraday back soooooooooo, that can't be good. Where the frak did he go anyway... Also, *begs* *crosses fingers* PLEASEDONTKILLJULIETPLEASEDONTKILLJULIETPLEASEDONTKILLJULIETPLEASEDONTKILLJULIET!!

MUZIK MUZIK MUZIK!!! I think I'm kind of in love with The Appleseed Cast now. They so remind me of a post-grunge-if-Gavin-Rossdale-were-an-American-this-is-what-he'd-sound-like. And dudes, Bat For Lashes new one, Two Suns, you should totally listen to eeeeet!! When the first album, Fur and Gold came out, I was all "bah! Kate Bush wannabe" and then OMG! HELLS YES!!! KATE BUSH IZABE!!! *FANGIRL* Two Suns is just... Phenomenal.

Here's the first track off of Two Suns. Glass

McAwesome Interview at the Jules Verne Festival Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
She always always always manages to answer questions, sometimes questions that have been asked many times over, with such insight and panache. Gods, this is why we love her. Y/Y?

Vote Terminator. Or Life... *shrug* I think Life could get a second chance on USA, which, would TOTALLY BE AWESOME!! Can you imagine a line up of Life, Burn Notice, L&O: CI, Psych and MONK!!!??!??!?! AWESOMENESS!!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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