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This woman?

Makes Dollhouse bearable for me. Honestly, I want to love it more but there's just something about it that makes it meh... I KNOW it has to be Fox and all their Fox-assholey-ness but still... *sigh* However, Topher and Sierra geeking out this past ep was big big love. Hee! And how freaking jealous am I of Miracle Laurie??? HOW?!?! THIS MUCH

save_scc save_scc save_scc

Do we finally get a REAL ep of Lost this week? Cos hey, clip shows are fine but um, that was sooper boring. The only thing awesome about the Oceanic 6 is Hurley and Ben wreaking havoc in the real world. 100th ep better frakking rock some sox. Feh realz.

I'm going to the doctor to see WTFrak with my foot. Serious. We went to the beach to see if that would help and it did until I had to walk from the parked car to my house. Not fun. The Bro makes a very good crutch tho. It's cos he's tall. So yeah, doc visit tomorrow.

Doc-tor! Dude, Tate & Tennant are FREAKING HILARIOUS!!

I found the Jonathan Ross morning show (Even tho these pics are from the Capital one.) they subbed for on Easter weekend and pee'd mah pants.

MUZIK MUZIK MUZIK! Stephen you've been mounted. How do you feel about that?

And the fact that they did it when they really didn't have anything to promote is even funnier.


Also, do we get a special before the Christmas one? Cos that Planet of the Dead Easter one was m'kay. The best thing about it was the bus. The worst thing about it was NO DONNA!!!

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!??!?! *iz sad*

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