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Frak me sideways and call me Doris! I sprained my foot like woah and it hurts like a bitch. Rest. Ice. Compress. Elevate. Smother in mentholated ointments. Repeat as necessary. I hope this bitch heals up by Monday. Yeesh...

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Five Things Meme: latenightcuppa gave me...

the inimitable Polly Jean Harvey
Oh. My. Musical. Mama. Is there anyone like her? Seriously? Name one rock goddess that has reached cult following, intense collabs, great repertoire and an almost other worldly insane sense of guitar and layers. LAYERS. In music. Okay, maybe she comes in second to Patty Smith, but I don't like ALL of Patty Smith's stuff. Polly Jean's stuff? Total. Love.

Big Damn Heroes
Well, hell they're pretty and aim to misbehave. Mal 'n Zoe will always be fighting together side by side traipsing thru the black just trying to live. Obviously, I have some reservations about Zoe being very subservient and how many feet behind you would you like me to walk sir but this being a Joss created relationship it's so. much. more. than just those seemingly superficial characterisations. They saved, save, each others lives in more way than one and best of all? It doesn't need to be spoken about or gone over with a fine tooth comb. It just is.

MORE SPACEY PARTNER BFFERY!!! Or, um you know genetic meldy mashy things (BRILLIANT!). Either way DoctorDonna is so much fun. Of all the companions she's my fave. She's brash, frank, straight-forward yet kind and compassionate. She can be selfish, hell who isn't, but she gives as well. She grounds him, brings him back to the present, shows him the right over the wrong and kinda fills a lonely soul. Also, I think because she is all those things The Doctor respects her for the many ways she can reflect the best and worse of him. Plus, being a woman who's older than a teenager is a great big bonus in my book. W-O-M-A-N. Just what a 904-year-old needs. In exchange for all of that he shows her the world, the wonder, the magnificent and the terrible, the darkness and the light. I'm a SUCKER for Partner!Ship.

the perils of shipping when Joss Whedon will only keep fucking with you
Oh, Joss! I hate you I love you. Why why WHY do you fuck with me so? You make what I want happen and then twist it just a mite so it's weird or creepy or perfect! Inter-personal relationships is something I've never really gotten a handle on and I blame YOU Mr. Whedon. You've shown me the entire spectrum and made me ask the why's and how's and held up a mirror or a possibility. All of it done thru the wonderful invention of character. How are you so awesome creative guru?

Juliet Burke's smirking
Holy shit. Her smirk is made of awesome. The physical manifestation of amusement can either be interpreted as calculating, manipulative, pleased, thoughtful, remorseful, insightful, taking the mickey, some of the above, all of the above or NONE of the above and you'll NEVAR know which one it is. It's enigmatic and attractive. And I could watch an entire hour of her smirking at various things, stories, tall tales, campfire stories, or a marathon of Back to the Future. It's part of her survival kit. She's the only character I've ever been simultaneously in admiration and fear of. Seriously. Complicated does not begin to describe the woman. With that, I now bring you Elizabeth Mitchell on Jimmy Kimmell wherein all they talk about is Lost which, is AWESOME:

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