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So here's the skinny...

Our street has a lot of young wee ones running about and frolicking in the safety of our cul-de-sac. Families live on the corner and at the end of the street so kids are running up and down and generally just being children all the time.

Apparently at the end of the street (the cul-de-sac side, I live at the beginning of the street) the Neighbourhood Kids have been hanging out on the main thoroughfare behind the neighbours house. They have really small young wee ones in that house and have repeatedly approached the Neighbourhood Kids about their illegal activities and were reporting them to the authorities. They've been out back smoking, toking and dealing in other nefarious shenanigans. The same Kids hang out at the beginning of our street and drink on neighbour's walls and the public pavements. The Old Man comes home late at night and always sends them home cos A) they're juvenile delinquents drinking and smoking and B) the lady that lives next door, who's wall it is they loiter on, lives alone.

Last night the family at the end of the street were having a party you know being jovial, having a Bar-B-Que and enjoying spirits and the NKs were up to their usual loitering except this time they were toking. So The Father of the family confronted them and told them to leave. Well, being the stupid stupid kids they are they decided that it would be a good idea to take this guy on. Uhm, this dude is HUGE I mean like 1.85cm (6'1") and 100kgs (220 lbs) of muscle. Also, he has like three brothers, three brother-in-laws and two son-in-laws about the same size. They all work in construction and other labour intensive jobs.

Unbeknownst to The Father and the NKs someone in his house had already called the cops. So as they were taunting The Father one of his daughters attempted to rush one of their hoodrat girlfriends. A scuffle ensued just as the coppers show up and the NKs take off and RUN THRU OUR YARD. I ran outside to see WTF was happening just in time to see two of them take off behind our house. They broke the fence. Our neighbours behind us have dogs, really good dogs and the NKs didn't know that and the dogs chased them out of their yard. I hope they got bit. Hehe.

After that hullabaloo the cops left cos they couldn't find them. The Old Man walks one of the other kids home to the corner of our street finds out his name, asks him if he knew who ran thru his yard, etc. The kid says he'll find out.

So The Mother and I go out for ice cream cos she has a new shiny car and I haven't taken a ride in it yet. We get home and the cops are back with like five more than there were before because this happened:

My Old Man ended up canvasing the neighbourhood asking if anyone saw the kids that ran thru our yard and happened upon the NKs again. They were back behind the neighbours house in the thoroughfare but in a car this time. My Old Man approached them to ask what they were doing there, their names, where they live, if they knew who ran thru his yard etc. While he was doing that, the son-in-law of the family having the Bar-B-Que saw the kid in the car that was smoking near his kids earlier and started yelling at his family: "THAT'S THE KID RIGHT THERE!" Then ALL the men from that family (those 7 or 8 HUGE dudes plus The Father) bum rush the car that My Old Man was at and started yelling and attempted to pull the kids out of the car and busted a window with pipes and bats and My Old Man is in the middle of it holding ALL these guys off shouting at someone to call the cops.

The Kids were scared shitless and took off in their car around the block to the beginning of our street to call their friends who live in the corner house (the kid My Old Man walked home earlier).

My Old Man calmed the family of enraged protectors down telling them to put the beers, bats and pipes away before the cops get here so they don't get into trouble. So they all cooled off for a bit and then the skinniest lankiest hoodrat I've ever seen, came strolling down our street calling them out shouting he's the Something-Whateverest-Champion of boxing in the East-Something-of-blah-blah-blah... and all his boys from Gang-O-Fools and Idiots-R-Us will come and kick all their asses etc etc. The Old Man stops them from getting down the street and yelled at them with all the authority of FATHER to get their asses home and put their sticks and rakes back where they belong in the tool shed. I'm serious, The Old Man said one of the kids pulled out a rake, like he was gonna rake the leaves from someone's yard into the others cos that'll show them. That's some Srs Bzns rite thar. GANGSTA! *pose*

Then the mother and I get home and THE ENTIRE ROAD is blocked off by cops and who do we see in the middle of it all? The Old Man. Come to find out he went to school with the senior officer. So they were talking stories and what not. But cos the cops weren't here when the second fight broke out and there was no evidence just an insurance claim, they couldn't do anything.

Fast forward to THREE AM and the dumbass Kids are still outside loitering and playing basketball in the middle of the road, talking and laughing and making noise. The Old Man goes outside to talk to them and tells them that this is a working neighbourhood, people are sleeping and they need to go home. To which the dumbasses defence is "I work too." or "Well, I'm 21 so you can't tell me what to do." The Old Man responds with "But the cops can. Go home. If you have to talk do it on YOUR property not public property. You have a garage, you have a living room, use it." Then he waited outside til they all went home.

Thus ended the drama of Earf Day 09'. I have a feeling it isn't over yet. The Parentals are getting all Roslin/Adama Administration on the neighbourhood now. Setting up Neighbourhood Watch, reporting negligent Foster Parents, investigating WTF we have 'security guards' for and are gonna put up a fence around our house and possibly invest in cute vicious killer puppies. Too bad we can't get dragons. That'd be neat.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

So in this new Administration, would that make me Starbuck? Athena? Or Kat?

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