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Against Better Judgement

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

I casted, against all protest and failures of past dream!casts, COWBOY BEBOP! WHUT? I bring thee Cowboy Bebop. Well, they're gonna make it a movie anyway which, will undoubtedly be made of fail (...kinda like Dragonball. How much did that suck? Anime should never really be turned into live action. JEEZ Hollywood, IS NOTHING SACRED?!?!) seeing as how Keanu Reeves (Really? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?! It's not enough that you bastardised John Constantine that you have to do it to BEBOP??? The only thing I enjoyed in that movie was Tilda Swinton.) is slated to be Spike and considering how Twilight turned out... yeah, whatever. Sandman (ADRIEN BRODY AS MORPHEUS FTMFW!!) is yet to be proven a failure but, not much hope that'll actually reach fruition (have you seen the Sandman verse? IMMENSE.) and RUNAWAYS more likely than not is to be casted with Hanna Montana, 0_o whut?, HANNA MONTANA as Karolina... Uhm, where was I going with this... yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...

Jet Black: Idris Elba. Cos godsdamn this man is fyoine!

~ * ~

Spike Spiegel:
Originally Alain Delon would've been ideal look...

...buuuuuut, he can't do the part now seeing as how he's 73. So he could play one of the old guys that pop in every episode to get beat up or give bad directions or get stoned. So I went with Matthew Goode. Yes, you may drool or have a heart attack. I have the defibrillator at the ready.

Matthew Goode.

~ * ~

Faye Valentine: Maggie Cheung! Hells. Yes.

~ * ~

Ed: ...finding an androgynous 12 year old is quite challenging.

~ * ~

Julia: Charlotte Gainsbourg. You know, the whole singing and... stuff, throughout the entire series.

~ * ~

Vicious: Cillian Murphy. He's my favourite type cast baddie.

And one for the road...
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