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Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Dear Internets,

Why are you fucking with my codecs for streaming videos?!?!

No Love,

You Are a Black Panther

You see through people. You understand others' motives and plans.

You have a knack for predicting the future. You just know what people are going to do.

People are attracted to you. You are naturally able to influence other people's thoughts.

You have the charisma to be a beloved guru or dictator. It's all about how you handle it.

The Character Meme

neated gave me Ben from Lost.

1. Do you like this character?
In the sense that I love to hate him and then kinda feel sorry for his pitiful ass when something painful about him is revealed? Then, yes. OMG!YES!

2. What name/s do you call this character?
Depending on where we are in time it's either Ben, sad!Ben, Benry, wee!Ben or EVOL!

3. What image-color do you associate with this character?
Green = Envy

4. What image-song do you associate with this character?
Something really crazy jealous and possessive (Possession by Sarah McLachlan) or nobody likes me (3 Libras by A Perfect Circle) or this (Hurt by Nine Inch Nails):

5. What blood-type do you think this character is?

6. Of all of the titles to that this character appears in, what character do you like to put this character with?
What does this part the titles to that this of the question mean? Are we trying to break the alliteration world record? And if that's the case then it fails at grammar. But to answer the latter part of the question, I don't think Ben should be with anyone. After all Leader is a lonely title. *nod*

7. What would you want to say to this character?
Holy fuck, you are psycho and damaged and I understand that but do you seriously have to be THAT fucking psychotic? Life is about choices dude, start making good ones, m'kay?

8. Which do you want to do with this character: Shake hands, hug, or kiss?
I don't think any of these apply. I'd push him off a cliff into a pit of spikes that would impale him on impact to make sure he was dead.

9. Now choose 6 friends with your choice of character.
Um, lets do this like the icon meme. Respond and I'll pick a character for you. ^__^
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