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*iz amused*

Dudes, this is FUNNY! Wee lil savages beat each other up. New challenges everyday. The best part? You don't even have to DO anything. Heh. *haz become a lazy gamer*

Adopt one today!
New Dragon Eggs! Purty... Clicky on it would ya?

The door to the the police station and my passenger door cos dudes I was driving when I took this shot. Jack was released from jail after he attacked his daddy cos he thought the padre was snakin' on the ex-wifey... dude, those whispers of The Natives Hostiles Others better freaking pay off. You know how many times I've heard the name 'Sarah' in those moments????

My those escalators look familiar...

Like I've seen them on teevee before... OMGS! It's the Sydney Airport! LOL my Aussies, LOL. Cos it's none other than...


Dudes, I SWEAR we could so hold sci-fi/comicon-y conventioney events OTHER than the anime/manga ones. *sigh* Who WOULDN'T come to Hawaii to "work"???? WHO?!?!?

Then again, the people here are not very geeky or unconventional. Mostly, they are sheep. Baaaahhh. *pets them*

The indoor water feature. Awkward. Seriously, WTH?

Next to the awkward indoor water feature: Imagine this space filled with tables and people waiting for a plane and you now have the holding pen of the Sydney Airport where Shannon and Boone were witnessed bickering by Paulo and what's-her-face in Expose.

Now we venture to the top floor with an open rooftop courtyard.

You can fit like eight houses in this courtyard and make your own lil compound. OH! DHARMA!INITIATIVE!

Here's its impersonation of the Forbidden Kingdom!! We even have lotus plants to try and blend in. Shhh, don't tell the emperor.

The Puhala tree. Hawaiians use the dried leaves to make jewelry and mats and blankets and weavy things that do... stuff... It's the all around vessel!plant! The second shot is a different location, different day, same tree. Pretty, no? Anyway, back to Lost.

The building where Ed Burke stepped out into the MIDDLE OF THE STREET and got HIT BY A BUS. It's the University's John A. Hopkins Building. Those steps have been stepped upon by Elizabeth Mitchell. *nod*

The Mittelos Building! Which is actually the printing building for the Honolulu Advertiser. *snort* The interior of the Mittelos Building was shot in the lobby of my brother's work place. Sadly, I have no pictures of that interior.

I do however have pictures of the setting sun.

As it brilliantly dwindles into twilight. This, for some reason, reminds me of Kara Thrace. *sigh*

Here endeth the picspam.
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