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Music Monday & T:SCC

Music Monday Music: I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend To Dance With You ~ Black Kids

Dudes. You have to read THIS SCC FIC. And look at THIS SCC PICSPAM OF PRETTY

Okay, so SCC. Sarah Connor Chronicles is a story about a Cold War. A war that hasn't happened yet. For some. For those that it has happened they're trying like hell to prevent it. YAY! TIME MACHINES!! That premise alone serves as the answer to those that say this show is slow in development. Audiences of the today wanna be spoon fed and told what to think. This show doesn't do that. I say YAY! a show that DOESN'T hold your hand through every plot point and leaves a lot to your own interpretations/theories.

Now, on to the previous show Adam Raised a Cain. I'm loving the way a distinction between the John Henry chip and the Cromartie chip is being drawn. John Henry's protocol instilled by Ellison shows that Weaver is NOT Skynet but a faction or rogue group. By replacing Weaver the T-1000 model from the sub, is attempting to create a harmonious future with humans. I'm thinking that model killed Weaver because after Sarah changed the course of Miles Dyson, Weaver developed Skynet through her company. Yet, the thing our characters don't seem to get is that Skynet CREATES itself much in the same way that John Connor created himself. By sending troops back through different time lines. It's very much so like a chess game. They have to second guess every move and plan for twelve different outcomes. It's very stressful and also brainy.

The mirroring of the two families drawn throughout this entire season has been really interesting. The Warrior mother, Cyborg protector and the emotionally disturbed uncle. *pets them* Which makes me ask the question. Is Savannah important the same way John is to the future? Does she continue the legacy of Weaver in this new future time line they've created?

And can I just say, I LOVE how John Henry protected Savannah. Not just physically from immediate death but also emotionally protecting her by diverting her to the garage. And OF COURSE he would've known that the Connors were there. 24 HOUR CCTV! w00t! JOHN HENRY!!! Sometimes I think Terminators make excellent fathers. *sigh* GD is an excellent actor. I've loved him in everything I've ever seen him in.

Personally, I LOVED the way they offed Derek. Just. BAM! Dead. Move on. Deal later. It's so mechanical but it has to be in the war against machines, no? I'm sad he's gone but he'll be back. Everyone comes back in the Terminator Verse.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

A soldier's demise sometimes, comes at the least expected moment. Derek's death also reminds us of the mortality of the humans in the face of fighting machines. It's not the big hero death like Kyle's was. It's insignificance is what will make it significant in the future. It'll make Future!John savour the time he has with his family more than normal. Derek's death kind of reminds me of the fact that before the third movie there was an expectation that Sarah dies at the hands of a Terminator yet it's cancer that takes her. Something from within that kills her after existing in such a harsh emotional and mental environment. So good on them for taking an unexpected twist. I like it. I like it a lot.

Normally, I'm satisfied with the pace the writers take but this show is much better without The Riley Factor. I'm glad that portion is over. I'd've loved it if they'd developed that aspect quicker. As I'm typing this the entire season has been running through my head and GODSDAMN did they do a lot in one season. The story telling is dense and compact but doesn't suffocate the plot. How do they do it?!?!? *is awed*

WATCH FULL EPS HERE AND HERE ON HULU You don't even have to watch it just let it play in the background of your comp so we get ratings. Hopefully if they get enough hits from all over then this show won't tank. Sad to say, I think the only reason Fox kept SCC so long was to pimp out Salvation. Bah. SCC is SO. GOOD. DAMN IT FOX! PICK THIS SHOW UP!!!
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