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Plethora of Fandom

Juliet = CONFLICT. I love that about her. I love the way she storms in and kicks Hurley and Miles out and then is all SUPAH!SEKRIT!NINJA!SKILLZ! in the bathroom. But then, I think once she unleashes all that conflicting turmoil out at Jack, she kinda realises that she's mad at herself for still caring. Cos Jack totally broke his "we're getting off this island together" promise. Oh, he broke her widdle heart. Ahhh! Num num. Juicy! Once more an emotionally loaded scene that's not very obvious nor on the nose. I know some of that has to do with the writing but mostly, it's because of EM's fabulousness. *nod nod* AHHHHH! She KILLS!!! Every. Time. How is she so amazing??????? HOW?!?!?

Oh, and Sawyer kinda killed me with the "I'm doin' it for her." AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! He wuvs Jules. I love Sawyer. Who else do I love? Ou, Sayid! And Jin and SUN!!! Dudes, when are we getting us some Sun??? Seriously? And creepy!old!Benry? Next week better deliver. You know who else I miss? Rose and Bernard. What happened with them? Where did the rest of the camp go when The Island jumped?? Where are The Marrieds?!?!? And Claire? Is SHE gonna show up? I WANT TO KNOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!

But quite possibly the best part of the show was Hurley and Miles. LOL. Oh, boys! There's never gonna be another to replace Charlie *mourn* but that, was some funny shit. At least the writers can make fun of themselves. LOL.

~ * ~

Also, how was the ER finale? It's been taped, yes, taped cos I live in the stone age of technology, but I haven't watched it yet. I'm assuming it sucked monkey balls cos this is a show that should've been shown the door nine years ago. NBC you have no mercy. Spend some of that money and promo on Life would ya? The fabulousness of that show could be better put into place cos honestly? this season is kind of sucking and I blame that on YOUR inability to praise or foster really good shows. You're making the writers woobie and omg!are!we!getting!cancelled?!?!?!? worry. Not cool NBC. Not. Cool. If you bring Life back for a third season, grow some cojones and take a risk on the awesomeness of this show. M'kay?

While I'm on this scolding the networks soapbox... FOX! YOU! SUCK! MONKEY! BALLS! PICK UP SCC FOR NEXT YEAR AND LEAVE JOSS ALONE!!! *jumps down from soapbox*


It's the season (series?) finale.

~ * ~


Dr. Horrible.


Paley Museum LOVES Joss. I WANNA GOOOOOO!! Mah peeps in California should go cos dude, the Paley Fest is AWESOMESAUCEUM. I went to the museum in November and the sweetest, nicest people work there and I got to see Hodges from CSI. He's actually REALLY skinny. And tall. But yes, PALEY LOVES JOSS. The Buffy panel was well worth getting frustrated and lost in Beverly Hills. If I had time I would've pulled up the BSG panel too but alas, time was a factor. They will however be having a BSG/Caprica Panel.

The Mentalist

Pushing Daisies DUDES!! The three unaired eps will be screened!!! Including the ep Water and Power which, guest stars none other than GINA TORRES HERSELF!!! Dude, she's awesome and TOTALLY FRIENDLY!! She was at the Con in November and I got my pic taken with her and gave her coffee and chocolate and she was SO. FRICKEN. NICE.

*sigh* I wish I lived in California sometimes...

~ * ~

What else what else what else... Oh, yeah welcome! to new friends made by the Buffy Friending Meme. Ack, I lost track of everybody so here's one big...


You'll find nothing of consequence here but squee and fangirling with unadulterated joy.

Alright lovies, I'm done.
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