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Music Monday & T:SCC

Here's some score for y'all. Saving Josh (Moonlight Soundtrack) ~ Trevor Morris

SCC. Dudes. This show rocks. Let me tell it to you.

1) Brilliantly written. Granted the pace set by the writers is slow and methodical but totally worth the pay off. It's mythology tight yet they leave space enough for character moments.
2) Moral reflection which, is usually par for the course in sci-fi yet NOT cliched in this presentation. Life vs Death. Human vs Machine. How is this possible you ask. Truth be told, I have no idea, THAT'S WHY it's so brilliant. I'm sure I could, if I grasped at straws but A) I'm sick and B) explaining that requires brain power none of which I possess at this moment.
3) It's filmed like WAY pretty plus there's like killer robots.
4) Brian Austen Green, don't laugh I'm being serious, is actually a pretty good actor. Yeah. I KNOW.
5) Killer robots played by RIIIIIIIVVVVVEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR!! SUMMER GLAU!!! AND SHIRLEY MANSON!!! How could you ask for more?!?!

Plus, the fandom is kinda cool beans.

Pretty pretty picspam

Like, REALLY pretty picspam

Funny funny comicals

Critical Review Blog

Terminator Official Site

scchronicles_tv; connorchronicle; scc_sarah; scc_cameron; scc_johnconnor etc, etc, etc...

I hope this show doesn't die... Fox said they'd cut it if the ratings didn't do well and they did suck for a while but the last two eps have boosted the numbers a bit so please WATCH!!! I know I've been neglecting Episodic Observations about this show for the last few weeks but that's cos BSG eclipsed pretty much everything in my life for the last month. I really really really really really really really want this show to come back next season.


...and BAH being sick SUCKS MONKEY BALLS!!!
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