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This Post Brought To You Today By Links

Josh Friedman on Terminator as a Metaphor

Top 10 Reasons to Watch Buffy picspam

Mary & Eddie TVGuide Part 6 And my brains have finally formed coherent thought about Battlestar Galactica: Mary McDonnell is a FOX! Second coherent thought since the finale: I wanted more Leoben. :-\


Look away my fellow Lost lovers: Lost spoilers... For the love of fandom WHY?!?!? WHY WHY WHY does this always happen to me? WHY?!?!? *attempts to chill the frak out* Lost was supposed to be the mooring after BSG... it is not. *seeks another HAPPY fandom*

And finally, last but not least: Kara/Leoben in the Five Whatevers style Yet, the sadness, it overwhelms. I still randomly tear or get sullen. It's so bad, The Bro makes note of it.... :`(
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