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Wow, RL how can you suck so hard?

It's been monkey balls for breakfast EVERYDAY since LAST WEEK!!! Hrmph... *grumble monkey grumbles* Which is kinda why this post is chock full 'o fandom and other various rambly things cos I don't know when I'll have the time to get back to LJ. BAH! It's making me miss Music Monday!!! Well, isn't that why Mondays suck? *grumbles s'more* Now I bring you the most calming 2 minutes and 9 nine seconds of life:

Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highlands, Illinois ~ Sufjan Stevens

Since it's Tuesday McAwesome Day AND as pointed out by Sammi, who always keeps me on my toes, I egregiously didn't mention The McAwesome's purtyful hair in the last BSG Episodic Observation, OMG!IT'S!PURTY!

Mary & Eddie TVGuide Interview Part 5

Juliet's NINJA!SKILLZ! because it amuses me:

EM's amazingness cos I fangirl it:

OMG! Is it Wednesday yet?

Also, I've figured out why I went from Lost to Deadwood and then back again... well, besides the fact that Paula Malcomson, Kim Dickens AND Robin Weigert did guesty spots on Lost and I'm sure this could be more thinky and smart sounding but I only have enough brain!power to sum it up in an oversimplified sentence. Both shows are about a society/community evolving/developing. The End.
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