Sunny (sunny_serenity) wrote,

Deadwood = Genius

So I'm re-watching s2 of Deadwood cos I don't have Lost s2 on DVD. :-\ Anyway, Deadwood. This show was freaking AWESOME. If you're a language whore this was the best show for exactly that. Combative poetry. Who knew swearing could be so beautiful? It was such a great cast. The crazy thing about this show is that it's SO misogynistic, brutal, full of crazy antics and so much swearing yet I can't help but I love it. It holds "civilisation" in sharp relief. Oh, Milch why do so few understand you?

Al Swearengen! One of the smartest badasses ever created. And how freaking FUNNY is Ian McShane??? I love him. He's a got a great voice. No one else could've made Al king.

Calamity Jane was the best, tho. Dude, why isn't she on Life? SHE MADE SEASON ONE!!! *sigh*

Tags: teevee: deadwood, television ate my brains, women who rock
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