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As promised...

In lieu of new Lost this week, I bring you PICSPAM of Kualoa Ranch. Not dial-up friendly.

Here they film portions of the show and pretty much every jungley movie you see that's shot in the islands. Most of the other outdoor locations are filmed on private property or in the Botanical gardens. The other jungley places that are shot, are on Kaua'i.

So here's how Kualoa Ranch works. They pretty much have three valleys. The valley on the right is the longest and considered the back of the ranch that shows up on celluloid the most. The other two valleys are shorter and closer to the sea. You have to take a tour to get there and we were hobo-ing that day so there are no pics of that location. That would be the pier where the submarine docks(ed). These pics are from the backside of the Ranch where most filming happens. And as you will see, it was misty and cloudy on Monday... So pretty! We were the only ones that loved it cold, rainy and windy. I guess tourists like hot, sticky, humid and sunny weather? *shrug*

A little model of where our tour takes us today. We will be visiting the valley on the far right first and then work our way around to the eastern facing valleys.

The valley on the right.

A closer view of where the pier is... you can see it if you squint. That white dot on the far left. Yeah, I'll get there someday. All this owning of land.. I don't understand it. How can you own something you did not create? Foreign concept to me. Hell, foreign concept to any native peoples who live with the land not on it. Aaaaanyway...

Your establishing shot.

This is the bottom of the valley. Higher up are the plateaus which they use for filming.

This part of the range leads down toward the ocean on the right.

This is Hurley's golf course, on the left. Further back is the field in Jurassic Park when they were running away from the dinosaurs that were "flocking this way".

And a closer pic.

This mini-range (above Hurley's GC) has the mini-crouching lion and a peak that looks like a gorilla. They used that in Mighty Joe Young.

I was intrigued by the lone tree peaking out of the back of the gorilla's head.

This is the directly in the middle of the valley. This shot kinda sucks cos there's this tree line of Lauhala blocking the view on the left which would show you Hurley's golf course.

This is opposite of the Hurley's GC; they hiked this when the Others were coming to get the preggo womens and Juliet told Jack she knew where the guns were stashed and went with James back to the beach... there were no guns. Heh.

And a closer pic.

Even closer.

Which we totally did NOT do... we HAD to otherwise we would've gotten ran over or pushed down a perilous cliff by a BULLDOZER!!! The guy was nice tho, he let us take pictures. Good beans.

The following are pics from the front of the ranch.

What's a ranch without horses?

A horse that's a picture whore apparently.

The not!diva.


Two very short videos, I apologise for my squeaky fangirl voice plus, it was windy. Both vids .avi:
Video 1
Video 2

The preceding was brought to you by Laregan and Sunny.

And cos I missed Music Monday because of this little excursion, I bring you, MUSIC: Crawled Out of the Sea (Interlude) ~ Laura Marling
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