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Lost and Other Things...

Now, I don' t understand the logic of having a podcast entitled for the next episode when you're talking about the previous episode but I have a suspicion it's one of those conspiracy/gag order thingies they have for Lost. Anyway, here's Josh Holloway for the 5.09 Namaste Video Podcast but they only talk about 5.08 Lafleur. It's creole and he's funny. He also addresses the weirdness of the Juliet thing. More on that after the vid.

Okay, mostly cos it's been bugging the crap outta me the past few days and I can't believe we have to wait TWO FREAKING WEEKS for the next ep... jeez. I should be used to this because of the BSG waits yet I'm chomping at the bit... I should rewatch s1 in the mean time...

The ships in this fandom are half constructed from juvenile characters. Jack, can't let go. Kate, can't make up her mind. They oscillate back and forth like a flaily little things until someone makes them account for their action or inaction. The other half of the Quadrangle of D00m has the sense to recognise when to separate making an emotional decision so they can get shit done which, makes them supreme and awesome and also contributes to the possibility of them being together without being "together". They can love each other without being in love with each other, it's more of a 'this is what we have to work with so let's make it work' situation. They're not emotionally attached with this relationship to the point of desperation. What they're doing here is surviving. It's what they do. So if this is the case I can totally buy them being together, for now in this limbo...

In real life news: HOLY CRAP! CAN I DIVORCE MY FAMILY PLEASE?!?!?!? My cousin got married yesterday and all I had to do was pick up the flowers from the other side of the island, where coincidentally they film Lost. However there was a fiasco at the first florist cos the car they were using got locked and everybody was blaming everybody and I was like SHIT shut the frak up and get this thing done. So anyway, they call me to come pick them up in town and then we work our way to the second florist who lives on the windward side. The lady who owns the farm was super dooper nice and I get to go back there tomorrow so I'll take pictures of the locations in order to enable all you Lostie fanatics so you can get your fix. We need something to pass the TWO WEEKS til the next ep... They filmed parts of Mighty Joe Young there, they used that peak that looks like a gorilla. Jurrasic Park, they ran away from fakey dinosaurs on the plateau. Rundown, running away from Christopher Walken and getting lost in the jungle. And did I mention they film parts of Lost there?

Anyway, we pick up one too many buckets of flowers and then we have to go all the way back there after making it half way home, so we loose about 20 minutes but that's okay cos I love driving on that side of the island. Then we hit the third florist and that's a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am business transaction. We eat at Cholo's cos OMG! it's like 7:30pm and the last time any of us ate it was at like 10 in the morning. We finally get closer to my aunty's house and guess who gets tagged by an asshole cop? That's right, ME. Get this. My van weighs about, oh, five THOUSAND pounds, the added weight of the flowers and water and supplies and you got about a solid extra 100 pounds or so GOING DOWN HILL in a 45mph zone that within TEN feet or so changes to 35mph with NO POSTED SIGNS!!! Plus, the cop was an asshole cos after he gave me a ticket he sped away at like 7582954614352mph. Fucking. Ass. Hole. I'm so contesting it cos A) NO SIGN POSTED. B) He didn't sign the ticket with his name or badge number and C) My aunty works at the PD so SUCK ON THAT JACKASS COP MADE OF ASSERY!!! Go fuck yourself blowhole.

The wedding itself was pretty frak-tastic too. Not organised and nobody knew what the hell they were doing. Thank GODS I wasn't involved in any of that cos dude, asses would've been capped. And contrary to the theme/vibe of the latter part of this post, I'm in a very good mood... huh.

Alright, now I'm gonna go read some fic or watch some more Lost... YAY! New fandom! *waves*
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