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Hehe, cos cool beans are cool...

This is what happens when you get hit with the insomnia stick... And this also reminds me that I watched Santa Clause 2 for her. Dude. SANTA. CLAUSE. TWO! I kid you not. This however also reminds me that she was in Lyon's Den with Sam Seaborn. And I kinda wanna watch Gia now...

These are old.

But super fun.

And dude...

How cool is she?

Like seriously? Super cool.

...and hey, lookit! Some new stuff. ...uhm, there may be spoilers... so don't watch it if you're going that spoiler free route. This kinda sucks cos this is the second part to a longer thingy from Sky One... Hrmph. :-\

And dudes, what's with streaming Nazi's YT's major case of OCD. BOOTLEG IS YOUR FRIEND!! Losers...
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