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Lost 5.08 The Episode of Huh?

I marathoned my ass off in the past week including last night til TWO IN THE MORNING to catch up and I got stuck with the episode of "Huh?" Seriously? Quadrangles NEVAR WORK that's why they're called Quadrangles of D00M. For example see BSG Season 3. Cause of death: QoD. The only difference is that Anders and Dualla didn't frak each other in the absence of Lee and Kara.

In Sawyer and Juliet's defence tho, it's been like THREE YEARS! Holy hell, you'd think Juliet would get off the frakking Island, even tho we've seen the dire consequences of doing such a thing, it'd be neat to see her go thru it... Also, Jack and Kate were freaking engaged!!! Gods I hope Sawyer and Juliet weren't married, cos that'd be FUCKED. IE: BSG's QoD. However, I'm thinking this would be more the case of *sing* ...and if you can't beeeee with the one you love, honey, Love the one you're with, Love the one you're with, Love the one you're with... *sigh* Ou, or even moar sad cos it's angst + angst x pain = 9 Crimes. Cos, ouch.

Juliet being a Junkyard Betty was seriously hot. Dude. My girl!crush is immense. Also, the kissing and the the bed scene g'mornin'-your-life-is-about-to-change-again-for-the-worse-cos-guess-who's-back!!!! both scenes btw, failing in the chemistry department, I think there was more chemistry between the bottle of rum and the sand it was sitting on when they moved the island but I couldn't tell cos I was distracted by the shirtless James and the hammered Juliet... I realise how freaking TALL Elizabeth Mitchell is. Like, really tall... I feel like the guy in Fifth Element that welcomes Plava Laguna to the ship heading to Floston Paradise... *gasp* t-t-tall *makes tall people motions with hands over head*

I wanna see the Jack/Juliet reunion scene... PAIN! P. AIN. And it would be subtle pain but pain nonetheless. *sigh* I have learned that my ships are d00med thankyouverymuchteevee yet, like that little bug drawn to the shiny fluorescent blue glowy thing of d00m I am drawn in and then *ZAP* *diez* Dude.

How awesome is Hurley? Like seriously. "I am Hurley and I am AWESOME" should be tattooed across his forehead.

Alright. I'm done... for now.
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