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This is how it goes. Stella is sick... like for reals sick and Hal is not. I'm gonna merge the two so The Mother can have the new shiny computer. Pull the Athlon processor out of Hal, replace it with Stella's Pentium II, compound the two drives into each other which would give me 118.2 GB of RAM on the C Drive and 289.7 GB of RAM on the F Drive. (Would it be too much to also mention that this in no way, shape or form stunts the will of wanting an external HD?) I would then christen the new being Giggles, cos let's face it that's a lot of Gigs and also, it's like sex with a strap on which, is funny, IMO. Have you seen that episode of Weeds when Andy's psycho ex-pat Israeli soldier not!girlfriend put one on? You should. It's FUNNY.

This is how it's not going. I don't know how to actually DO that (the computer part, NOT the strap on part you gutter dwelling whores... STOP SNICKERING.) so I have to employ the help of The Geek!Boy whom I haven't spoken to on any real meaningful connection in forever since I kinda sorta didn't pickup the HINT he was dropping me which, moved him into the playing field with some skanky ho who managed to get him to propose, had her parents buy them a house which he MOVED INTO and then proceeded to dump him three months after said shenanigans and kicked him out. Yeah. I have no idea how to put said plan into action. Any ideas? Bueller? Bueller?

In better news welcome to new friend aliasledger, who is awesome at the graphics of LOST, other fandomy things and also big Jack/Juliet shipper ♥. YAY! More people to be crazy with over the awesome that is Dr. Juliet Burke cos no offence I don't fangirl Matthew Fox as much as ELIZABETH MITCHELL cos I still see Foxy as Charlie from Party of Five, which kind of could explain his tat on his shoulder but I couldn't be arsed to find out the meaning of that what with all the time traveling, hertz spewing, Stephen Hawking referencing, wormholing thru space-time continuum, healing/destroying island is a being-ness... yeah, have you SEEN LOST? Lemme tell ya, a childhood lifetime of comics *pauses to fangirl the fact that BKV is the Story Editor on Lost and that Pinker is also there* and sci-fi, 9 years of XFiles and all that is JJ (kinda religiousity allegories of heaven and hell and purgatory and Holy Mary Mother of FUCK) Lost is fun. In short, WELCOME!

And I've come to find that Obstacle 1 ~ Interpol is my female anthem. It applies to pretty much every single character made of awesome. Hermione, Weir, Carter, Aeryn, CJ, Ghanima, Addison (well, early Addison), Roslin, Charbuck, Juliet... you get the idea.

'Kay, I'm done now. *waves*
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