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Fic: Fate

Title: Fate
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: E for Everyone
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: All your majicks is belong to BBC.


Under a tyranny rooted in blind vengeance, freedom beckons from beyond the mists. They whisper in her sleep as the land flows hot and freely with blood. The innocent, victims of their father’s lost war, sit and mourn the graves of unnamed kindred. Fires of rage consume and burn from the bowels of the castle to the highest tower in Camelot as she feels her time within the walls grow short. She can abide no longer in this era of slaughter and genocide, save for the one hope she holds fast.


~ * ~

Uther will never let her live. With all that he decrees to keep her safe, to keep them all safe. How could she forsake that which the mighty king stands for? It has become a world where free will has no will at all, where constraints are not limited to court or position. It has become a matter of wounded pride seeking its retribution in public domain. And though it pains the great king, the executioner is ordered to sharpen his blade. There will be no intervention. No stay of execution. No reprieve for the beloved ward of Pendragon.

She has become traitor, ingrate.

~ * ~

The boy warlock, though try he might, cannot make her see reason, cannot convince her to recant. Cannot rein in her power and harness it to be unleashed at the right moment. Can do nothing but agree that she has done the wrong thing for the right reason. She will not suffer anymore the hand of dictatorship which pays lip service to the safety of its subjects. This will cost her a great alliance and a great friendship.

One among many.

~ * ~

Her maidservant, dear friend and confidant will learn from this. As her true lineage is revealed, she will begin to learn her way through the politics of court. She will keep her wits about her. Keep her counsel to herself. It will earn her the title of Queen. She will keep him steady in his time of wavering. She will be entrusted to look after him. She will give the people faith in their once and future king.

A burden and a curse.

~ * ~

Arthur will never let her die. In the years to come she will not need to wonder what made him release her from prison bonds. There have always been things unspoken between them. For her, he has committed high treason. For her sake he begs that she suffer reproach and exile in the place of death, but it is as much for himself that he begs. For dead, she can do nothing to stop Uther’s reign. Without the restriction of court she can succeed. For a king cannot fall easily by the hand of one person. She will need an army. She will usher in his son’s reign, one of glorious harmony and freedom for its people. Arthur will bring peace, a true peace to the kingdom. A peace found at the expense of their happiness. She knows this.

Has seen it.

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